What Do You Do Before You Do Digital Marketing? Insights from Good to Great

In a world where Internet presence is becoming increasingly important, it can be easy to be convinced to jump into a digital marketing program.  After all, every one is doing it — and being noticed is the first step in finding new customers.

The question is “Are you really ready?”  Have you done the ground work to present well, or are you going into an uninformed process that could result in the curse of the computer age – GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT?

Technology Last  (Good to Great rules!)

In 2001, Jim Collins published his research into the factors that turned good businesses into great businesses, performing well above their industry average over long periods of time. The title of the book is “Good to Great. Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t”.

Collins described a cyclic process of 6 steps that — pursued persistently — significantly increase and sustain outstanding business performance. He called this cycle of steps “the Flywheel”. You’re probably not here for business coaching, but just so you have the picture, the 6 steps are:

  1. Smart leadership first. Businesses with leaders who are smart coaches, not charismatic heroes are the businesses that thrive.
  2. Get your team right to get your business right. The people you need probably aren’t the same as you.  Build the right team and work with them in deciding what to do.
  3. Practice brutal honesty. Acknowledge what’s going on (and have faith you can deal with it). Create permission for the truth to be heard and dealt with.
  4. Know your core value proposition. Deeply understand the heart of the business you’re in – the place your passion, excellence and customer value meet.
  5. Name the rules — explicitly.  Develop a culture of discipline where everybody understands what the rules are for “our game” and what success looks like.
  6. Use relevant technology to accelerate business performance based on sound strategy.

The Core Application to Digital Marketing?

The right technology at the end of the right strategy will pay off big time — if you’ve done your homework.  Then you know what you’re selling and you know you’ve got the right people on your team to deliver:

Without knowing the value that your customer is really buying and being able to deliver on your promise, you risk spending a whole lot of money on the wrong message and (much worse) damaging your reputation because you’ve missed the mark.

Don’t play READY / FIRE / AIM — it’s way too expensive!

Leigh Baker is a writer and sustainable business coach specializing in the skills business owners need to turn innovative business thinking into strategic action.

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