How to choose the right keywords for your content

SEO and keywords

Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings are only ever going to be as good as the content you produce for your target audience. 

The key to finding the right keywords for your users and potential clients is to know exactly what they are searching for.

What does keyword research involve?

It’s important to look at what keywords or phrases your target audience use when they search for a product or service you provide. Once you see what they are looking for, you can create and optimise content to help them find you.

The thing to remember is that certain keywords or phrases will be highly competitive and you may not be able to or want to battle larger competitors for a piece of that pie.

Being more specific and strategic with which keywords you target can give you a winning edge. 

It’s not always easy to find those special keywords, queries, and phrases that users are searching for but once we do it all starts to make sense. The trick is ensuring that the keywords have the right ‘intent’. 

For example, if someone is looking for ‘blue coloured contact lenses’ the best page for them to land on is a page of blue lenses, not the homepage that includes all sorts of colours, making it harder for the customer to find what they need.

Knowing your target audience and what their searches are gives you a better chance of connecting what you offer with what they are after.

If you are the most relevant website for their search, then not only are you more likely to show up in Google searches but you are also more likely to convert. That’s SEO working for you.

Being seen and successful

With the right keywords and phrases placed strategically in your content, you have greater visibility and a better performing website. 

Remember, if you can’t be found, then you are invisible. All the fanciest images and website layout in the world won’t help you.

Even today, some people still wonder ‘Is keyword research the most important for SEO?’ The truth is that keywords are the cornerstone for beginning any SEO strategy or campaign.

The question then becomes how do you find and make more of the right keywords.

Getting the keys to better performance

The answer is to talk to the expert team who can help you by conducting in-depth and specialised keyword research.

That’s Mad Scientist, in case you were wondering. We can help you by taking a forensic look at what is really happening online for your business and where something specific like better targeted keywords can mean your website performs better.

Whether you want to get seen by your target audience, have your On-Page SEO actually working for you, or you need to improve your website’s relevance, authority and trustworthiness, talk to the team who work with you. Yes, you can get the real SEO story without any of the spin.

We can help you by taking a forensic look at what is really happening online for your business and where better targeted keywords can help you perform better.

We’re here whenever you need us. Get in touch.


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