Shriya Sivaji

Shriya Sivaji is an Ongoing SEO Client Manager at Mad Scientist Digital, where she manages on-page, off-page and ongoing services for several clients. She is passionate about enhancing her clients’ rankings and online visibility, and does so using a mix of technical and creative skills. Ultimately, she aims to make the client’s website more attractive to Google, in an organic and authentic way. Oh, and did we mention she is doing all this while simultaneously completing a Masters in International Business?

The lecture hall is actually where she first got introduced to SEO. It was constantly talked about in her units, but no one really seemed to know exactly how it worked. The acronym got her curious and she started researching the science behind Google’s ranking systems. She is truly a researcher at heart, always looking for ways to expand her knowledge. Through her investigation, she found that search engine optimisation is a rapidly expanding field, and so naturally, she decided to explore the industry in more detail. Luckily for us, Mad Scientist had an opening. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Shriya has been putting up with our madness since day one, and she always brings a ton of energy, laughs and delicious food to the office.

When she’s not working, she likes to keep up with the latest trends and stories; be it news, creative industries, or even something as trivial as cooking (purely just research though, never trial!). And apart from that, she likes to dance, sing, capture moments on her phone and grabbing a pizza with friends. In fact, she absolutely loves Pizza. Adores it. If she got her way, we bet she’d be travelling the world forever, just trying (and documenting) all the best pizzas in the world.

In Shriya’s Words

My genius is: Music, Research, Mentorship and Creative Marketing

My madness is: Humour, Beaches, Pizza, Travelling, Social Media and Pizza! (I told you)

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