Carl Huybers

Carl is our CEO – with decades of experience in business, sales, and life it’s Carl’s job to keep our business on track and ensure our clients get the results we promise to them. In the rapidly changing world of SEO, one of our key points of differentiation is that we know how to measure SEO results. And, Carl puts up with Ian and Andrew’s craziness.

Carl has diverse background in business working with companies such as: Woolworths, Jewel Food Stores, Kraft Foods, S.C. Johnson, Uncle Toby’s, Multix and Sabco Australia.

Carl has held positions as a Store manager, Regional Sales Manager and National Sales, IT manager and Marketing Manager. In every position, he improved the numbers and the business results.

Carl also understands what it takes to run a successful small business, as he was a successful Mortgage Broker as a franchisee for Mortgage Choice. During this 11 year period he won performance awards and acted as a mentor for more than eight years.

Then four years as a Business Life coach assisting businesses to develop and grow.

In that time he noticed that one of the biggest frustrations in business is the digital space. Finding what are the ‘right’ things to do today and then aligning with a provider who will work with you and deliver real results to improve your business. He found that Mad Scientist was passionate about getting real results for our clients and decided to join us. He loved it so much he is now a shareholder of Mad Scientist.

His broad experience has delivered a knowledge of global, national and small business operations across the fast moving consumer goods, finance, banking and retail and services sectors.

Carl is a natural facilitator and trained coach. His style is inclusive, personable and engaging. Carl likes to make learning and change enjoyable – by making things simple, he makes them possible. He is ideally suited to help our clients navigate the complex world of digital marketing.

In Carl’s Words

My genius is:
Spherical thinking, which allows me to distil the complex to be understood and find multiple approaches to a challenge. This requires great questioning; whether to cut to the essence of a business problem or to have a great time in a social setting. I love taking on-board new up to date information. ‘Facts’ change, I want to know the current one!

My madness is:
Being able to see things from everyone’s point of view. It makes for interesting internal dialogue.

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