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Andrew Radics

Andrew is our master of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Reputation Management. He has a deep understanding of how to get the right traffic to websites without paying search engines for placement. Andrew began his career in telecommunications retail, selling telephones and packages.

As smartphones hit the market, the product range grew from voice communications to requiring a full understanding of Internet packages.His strong background in selling phones and broadband packages means that he understands what consumers pay money for and how to explain technology results, not just technology.

In 2006, Andrew left the telecommunications game and started his own business producing corporate videos for training purposes and product launches. To build his business, he started learning everything he could about search engine optimisation

What particularly fascinated him was the variety of strategies that he could use to put his business on to the front page of search engines without having to pay them for placement. He learned that ‘cheaters never prosper’ – search engine developers were too smart to be fooled for long by automatic processes. He also learned that consistent, strategic optimisation was an ongoing investment – but one that paid big dividends.

Andrew’s search engine optimisation was so successful that in 2006 he started The Expert SEO Company, working with clients to maximise their return on their web site investment without the expense of major site development and upgrades.

In 2011 Mad Scientist Ian Hopkinson needed SEO expertise. Who did he find at the top of his search page? You guessed it –Andrew Radics. After a period of successful collaboration, the two decided that a formal alliance was in order. In 2013, Mad Scientist Digital was formed as a full-service digital marketing agency.

It also helped that Andrew is a multi-talented musician, so the pair have a common language of collaboration. Making it in the music industry requires a strong sense of brand identity, marketing and social media combined with creativity – skills that are becoming increasingly relevant as the Internet re-shapes the world of business.

Today, digital marketing extends way beyond product-based sales models and staying competitive requires many businesses to deliver a coherent, authentic online presence across a variety of media channels.

Andrew’s commitment to continuous learning and craftsmanship means that our clients can keep their online marketing current in the constantly changing world of the Internet.

In Andrew’s Words

My genius is:
Knowing that I don’t know everything and that even geniuses can improve everything they do

My madness is:
I love to read or watch a great story unfold, discovering better ways of doing things I already know how to do, long road trips

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