Julian Choi

Julian Choi is a Local SEO Specialist Mad Scientist Digital. It’s his job to ensure your local customers can find your site quickly and easily when enquiring on Google. He is always looking for new and innovative ways to drives clicks and direct prospects to his client’s websites. He is passionate about helping his clients build a strong online presence and reputation.

He first entered the world of Mad Scientist as a filmmaker, hired by our co-founder Ian, to film his submission to SXSW. Ian was instantly impressed by his ambition, creativity and technical skills. Listening to Ian talk about SEO in the submission video made Julian curious about how he could utilise it for his YouTube channel. One thing led to another, and he suddenly found himself an intern with the Mad Scientists. During this placement, Julian became increasingly interested in the technical aspects of SEO, especially how powerful was for improving online visibility.

Julian has a big passion for artistic creation and expression, the evidence of which can be seen in his YouTube channel (he’s got quite a big loyal following!). He is also passionate for Martial Arts, and says it has impacted his outlook on life. We certainly think of him as a champion! He is fearless, kind and resilient – all characteristics we value at MSD.

On his day off, you’ll likely find Julian filming a new YouTube video, working on his own web series (!), gaming or hanging out with friends.

In Julians’ Words

My genius is: Efficiency. Empathy. Proactivity. I aim to over-deliver on time and quality in everything I do. If I can see a way, I will sprint forward and tackle any obstacles along the way. If I do not see a way, I will relentlessly search for one or make one myself.

My madness is: Making the impossible, possible. That’s my motto in life and to all my followers.

Many call me a workaholic as my work ethic does not let me stop to breathe. This compliment is something I take to heart, as nothing feels better than to achieve 110% of results with 1% odds.

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