Chris Robarts

As the Online Asset Manager at Mad Scientist Digital, Chris is responsible for keeping the SEO engine room in check. He’s the best person for the role having previously managed bands, warehouse logistics and in the back office for local music labels.

Chris has been with us since day one, and plays an integral part of the culture at MSD. He is thorough, focused and tackles every challenge with a great sense of enthusiasm and drive. In addition to his many technical skills, Chris has a great sense of humour and is always keen to lend a hand wherever he’s needed.

Since he first joined the team in 2014, Chris has contributed to the success of endless SEO campaigns and directly helped MSD reach meaningful milestones. He has a keen interest in technology and social media, which plays superbly into his current role and keeps the team informed on digital trends.

On his days off you’ll likely find him at a live music gig (usually punk music), out admiring street art or reading a good true crime book. He likes punk, hip hop, Frank Sinatra and even country music (anything but techno, really) and has collected LP’s for nearly 30 years. In the same fashion, Chris also has a collection of about 30 unique skateboards!

In Chris’ Words:

My genius is: Social media, site maintenance, attention to detail and always yearning to learn new skills.      

My madness is: Skateboarding, street art, photography, long walks and spinning records.

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