Our Key Players

Carl Huybers – CEO

It’s  Carl’s job to keep our business on track and see that our clients understand what they’re getting AND that they get the results we promised.

In the rapidly changing world of SEO, one of our key differentiators is that we know how to measure SEO results.  All our contracts include measurement and reporting and it’s Carl’s job to make sure we deliver tangible results.

Carl brings a rich background to this key delivery role, including:

  • A deep sales background, so he understands the relationship between SEO, sales conversion, and delivery.
  • His own services business experience in the finance industry, so he understands the numbers that are important (and the ones that aren’t)

Carl has a gift for making things simple – and therefore possible – a gift that is highly valuable in the digital marketing game.

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Keith Chagnon – Digital Marketing Professor

Digital marketing is essentially a multi-media performance, and Keith works with our international clients to identify their digital marketing strategies. His experience spans social media, website development, online retail sales delivery, sales performance measurement and online publishing.

We call on Keith for his expertise in producing high-end digital marketing campaigns.

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