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Hosted by Ian Hopkinson & Andrew Radics, Mad Scientist TV is a daily digital focused program for businesses (and in some cases ‘tech-heads’) hoping to quickly navigate the slippery slope of online promotion. We cover a vast array of interesting topics and there’s a lot to learn while having a laugh – as is Ian and Andrew’s enigmatic style. With 60+ recent episodes to view there’s something there for everyone.


SEO Myths Debunked – it’s the Wild Wild West now, not the World Wide Web. Every so-called expert or god-forsaken guru has an opinion. Who do you trust? SEO Myths Debunked is an ongoing quick fire bust up of these misconceived notions.


Google Bashing – yes we have all criticised Google for something at one time or another, but some ‘crazies’ are out to get Google, it’s an all out attack. Find out why and who and throw in your opinion too.


Google Authorship – this is for the writers of content and techies, Google has some functionality for bloggers that helps them be heard and found. Recently there’s been some big updates to how this is displayed in search results.

The Streisand Effect – this is when you attempt to have something taken down from the internet and the publicity from trying to do it in facts increases the popularity and newsworthiness of the particular video, image, text, or reference you are trying to have deleted or surpressed.


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