Mad Scientist Radio – Episode 4 – Why Cheap SEO Companies are BAD

Mad Scientist Radio – Episode 4 – Why Cheap SEO Companies are BAD


Transcript for Episode 4

IAN: Hello again I’m Ian

ANDREW: and I’m Andrew

IAN: And welcome to the show

ANDREW: How are you doing?

IAN: I’m actually not doing too bad today, yourself?

ANDREW: I’m pretty good

IAN: We can talk, we can do a whole episode on that

ANDREW: We could

IAN: But today we are going to talk about why cheap SEO companies are bad? I’m looking forward to this one

ANDREW: Yea cheap SEO companies, now what we mean by cheap is not necessarily in a monetary sense but in their tactics and methods. Cheap SEO companies is what I call content mills which means they write absolutely rubbish articles, they post them on as many article directories as they possibly can sometimes hundreds, if you believe some they say thousands, but I don’t really believe in that many out there. They call that article marketing

IAN: This is another term thrown into the mix

ANDREW: Article marketing really worked maybe 3-4 years ago but since Google updated the way they rank websites they did a huge update a couple of years ago now which was called Panda and that really affected a lot of these articles directories, one of the ones it affected was for awhile was Ezine Articles and Article Alley

IAN: So what’s the point in writing these so called rubbish articles and putting them all over the internet

ANDREW: Well, the idea is that you have an article based on whatever your website is about, you put in a couple of links with your keywords and then you post them on all these article directories meaning that for every single article directory you post too you get 2-3 backlinks pointing from that website to yours and that’s supposed to get higher rankings

IAN: Okay in theory and of course we can go into theory why that doesn’t work in a future episode
ANDREW: A lot of these articles directories have been deindexed by Google over the years because all they are, are content mules

IAN: Okay so deindexed meaning they just fall of the face of the search engine/map

ANDREW: Yes exactly, and when you have cheaper SEO companies telling you things like we will submit your website to 500 directories, we will get you to the 1st page of google in the first 48 hours, we have an inside man in Google

IAN: That’s my favourite

ANDREW: We have cracked the Google algorithm code so we know exactly what Google wants

IAN: That’s a believable one, I always believe those emails

ANDREW: My favourite is, we will submit your website to  thousands of search engines, now that in itself is quite laughable because apart from Google, Yahoo,Bing, and one or two others that’s it pretty much

IAN: It sounds impressive though, it makes me wanna submit to thousands of search engines

ANDREW: In itself its really a useless exercise because you do not website to any search engine because if your website is worth a cracker the search engines will find you

 IAN: So properly optimized you’re not having anything to worry about, search engine submissions as it were

ANDREW: Yes, its a thing we just don’t do anymore, they also talk about automated software. We can blast your website to other websites to get some good backlinks. There are some, I won’t actually name them  cause I do not recommend anybody using these things, they can create a lot of damage to your website. Now to give you a quick example of that I worked on a company that were a really high class lawyer here in Melbourne, city and in about 4 months I had all of their keywords on the first page, not necessarily number 1 but they were well on their way to getting there. They decided they’ll go the cheaper route so they employed a cheaper SEO company and I said “fine okay lovely”. About 2 months ago I was just curious and I wanted to see how well their website was doing with this other company, I looked at all they’re keywords and would you believe not 1 of them was even in the top 10 pages of Google

IAN: So basically a 100 positions Google was actually clear

ANDREW: They were no where to be found so I thought lets have a look at what they call your backlink profile, all that is is just  basically having a look at where your backlinks are coming from

IAN: And you can see that on Webmaster tools don’t you

ANDREW: Yes, there are other tools we can use to check that as well, but I had a look and there was literally tens of thousands of links pointing to their website which you might think is a good thing but in this case they were from various sources such as porn sites, drug sites (want viagra and etc), gaming sites and a lot of totally unrelated cheap and nasty blogs

IAN: Okay so essentially not quality obviously, links from bad neighbourhoods


ANDREW: Yes, Google looks for relevance, which is a big thing now. they want to make the user experience as relevant as possible. So if you have links pointing to your website from all these useless websites you are either going to be penalised or you are just gonna go down the rankings now. I don’t know if this site was penalised but all i know is they were delisted from the top 10 pages which for a lawyer its a really really bad thing.

IAN: Okay so what happens in the case of a business has innocently employed an SEO company who have put these tactics in place, how would they move forward from that? They’ve been penalised obviously not knowingly to them, can they get those links removed?

ANDREW: They can. there is something in Google Webmaster tools which is called the ‘disavow tool’. now what you need to do there is you need to grab all of those links, put them into the Google Webmaster Tools system.

IAN: Disemvowel?

ANDREW: No, disavow. and what that does it notifies Google saying ‘okay these are the links I do not want’. so Google in their own time, could take weeks, months, will slowly deindex all of those. But that is a hit and miss thing as well. Just on that, there was also another client of mine, future client, actually called me and said ‘I was number 1 for a lot of my keywords however now using a cheaper SEO company I’ve dropped, I’ve disappeared’. So I had a look for his problem and the same thing happened, thousands and thousands of rubbish backlinks pointing to his site. He goes ‘can you fix it?’ I replied ‘yea we can fix it but it will take a lot of time to get rid of all of those links, you would probably be better off cause his website is stuffed, his only option was to register a new domain name so instead of it became That was the quickest way to get him back to where he was because it was so damaged. It was going to take a lot of months of work and a lot of money for him to do that

IAN: So could he ever go back to his old URL or is that it? Does he have to make the move?

ANDREW: Yea pretty much it, he had to make a move so he registered a domain

IAN: So just wait till the domain runs out on the other one, till it drops off

ANDREW: Yea, until everything gets deindexed, torn apart basically

IAN: That’s pretty daunting for businesses who employ these bad techniques, which end up quite costly like you were saying in a monetary sense. Could cost up to $300-$400 a month, i know its not a lot of money but to undo the damage potentially  thousands of dollars to a business

ANDREW: Well everybody gets these emails from these cheaper SEO companies saying, we can do these several things for you for $99 a month or $249 a month or whatever they’re charging. Whatever ridiculous figure they charge you know that they are going to use  automated software.

IAN: They use shock tactics don’t they? They haven’t looked at your website and in the first sentence they tell you how bad you’re doing. Funnily enough we have received some emails  ourselves, we’ve had a laugh  cause obviously they haven’t done their research, they don’t realise we are an SEO company. ‘you’re rankings are in the toilet’, you get that in the first sentence in the email, alarm bells have to be going off.

ANDREW: Absolutely. any company that uses automated software, they will inevitably use something called ‘article spinners’. Now what an ‘article spinner’ basically does is that it takes your article and then it would spin it into 100-1000 different versions of the same article however the problem with that is…

IAN: That sounds really interesting, we could get some good information out of that?

ANDREW: I am going to give you a good example of this. If its not setup properly then this is the sort of gibberish it will spit out and here’s a snippet of an article I found on a blog/website and the company that employs them was an Uggboot company in Australia somewhere. The title of this article is ‘ Adsfasdf’

IAN: Catchy

ANDREW: What that title means i don’t have a clue. Now some of the article says, ‘advance to say again the old man opened the door and calls a caspia uggboot sale nanganchan blossom into the house the nanganchan stand in line ritual walked into the room. why didn’t you middle age man base of smile the face of the fat meat shaking a shake seemed Australian uggboots cheap to reveal to the oil in water. My favourite line is, ‘ you say the winds slowly up from his chair looked up his face was almost want to whirl the yin griffin before dismembered body for ten thousand Australian uggboots sale cheap uggboots paypal to teachers heart is to dig out what certificate

IAN: Makes sense to me. I love that, the imagery is unbelievable. Just makes absolutely no sense but some of the dismembered body, Australian uggboots really good for the brand by the sounds of it

ANDREW: And you can pay through Paypal don’t forget. The links are there, 6 links pointing to Australian uggboots cheap or whatever that website is. This is the sort of rubbish that these things spit out and then they distribute this to hundreds of article directories, that to them is SEO

IAN: So this is still happening, people are still using these kind of tactics today

ANDREW: Absolutely

IAN: This is amusing to me that this stuff works. In itself wonder why people on any planet thinks this can work even from the point of view from the content not flying, who wants to read this stuff

ANDREW: Well its not just these cheap SEO companies that do this, people think they can do this themselves. If you have a look, put in search engine, SEO software. Do you know how many results come up?

IAN: Oh, 3000?

ANDREW: Over 41 million come up with SEO software

IAN: So there’s a lot of companies out there creating this stuff knowing probably full well that its against Google guidelines and basically taking advantage of people who want a quick fix, wanting to take a shortcut of some kind

ANDREW: Or a cheap fix if a company doesn’t have a marketing budget that is very high or if you were a sole operator has a website,  you might not have a lot of money to spend but really you would be doing a total disservice using this rubbish

IAN: Okay so from a business point of view how can they avoid this happening to them, what kind of questions can they ask their potential SEO company?

ANDREW: Well if you get an email saying we can do this for you for $99, warning bells should go up straight away. Theres no way somebody can do what a true seo company can do for $99 a month without using this rubbish software that will eventually damage your website beyond repair like this guy was telling me just before

IAN: Okay so are you using automated software? other questions can lead to article writing

ANDREW: Yea, article marketing, what sort of places you distribute my articles? can i proofread the articles before you post them?

IAN: You really want to after that example you just told us
ANDREW: Yeah you would, you would just ask them basically how do they plan to get your site to the top of the search engines

IAN: Okay Andrew that’s really useful, I think probably this is one of the key subjects which we may want to cover into more detail because I think this is one of the main reasons why SEO has a bad name and people tend to cringe when they hear the acronym SEO. Some people don’t even know what it stands for and cringe which is a testament to how unfortunate peoples experience’s have been

ANDREW: Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. automated software will never optimize your website plain and simple

IAN: Okay, they are important distinctions, thanks Andrew

ANDREW: Thank you

IAN: And once again if you have questions you can visit our website at and thanks for listening


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