About Us

There’s Method in Our Madness

We are an integrated digital marketing agency.

And we are maniacally, proudly independent.

Not because we’re lone wolves, but because it frees us up to collaborate with you. And collaboration is where the genius happens.

Your needs, our custom solutions.

Your growth, our constant measuring, assessing, and adjusting.

Your ideas, our creativity and experimentation.

Your challenges, our listening ear.

Your problems, our bloody huge flame thrower.

“We’ll always shout “Eureka!” – and pop the champagne corks – together.”  Ian Hopkinson

Who is the Mad Scientist?

When you come and visit us in the lab, you won’t see him anywhere, but you’ll feel his presence everywhere.

The result of Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson’s partnership and collaboration. Into the test tube went the science: Andrew’s exacting, analytical, logical approach. Then, in went the madness: Ian’s passion, creativity, and technical expertise. The result wasn’t just an integrated digital marketing agency – it was a way of thinking, and being.



Inquisitive and experimental.



And heaps of fun. Because just like with other volatile substances (some of which we’re particularly fond of, especially if they’re coloured red) that’s what happens when those creative fumes fly.

Ian Hopkinson

Ian is the original “mad scientist” – a digital creative who is passionate about the online market place and its potential to enable smaller businesses to compete on a global stage.  Ian’s first (and ongoing) love was music.

While studying for a degree in arts and busine...

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Andrew Radics

Andrew is our master of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Reputation Management. He has a deep understanding of how to get the right traffic to websites without paying search engines for placement. Andrew began his career in telecommunications retail, selling telephones and packages. As smartphones hit the market, the product range grew fro...

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Carl Huybers

Carl is our CEO – with decades of experience in business, sales, and life it’s Carl’s job to keep our business on track and ensure our clients get the results we promise to them. In the rapidly changing world of SEO, one of our key points of differentiation is that we know how to ...

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Chris Robarts

As the Online Asset Manager at MSD, Chris is responsible for keeping the SEO engine room in check.  He's the best person for the role having previously managed bands, warehouse logistics and in the back office for local music labels.

Chris has a keen interest in technology and so...

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Sam Wallis

Sam is a copywriter with over 5 years experience in direct response advertising and digital marketing.  She's also been running e-commerce stores since the early 2000s, and is a little obsessed with SEO.  These days, business owners hire her to help them generate more leads and customers online.  Her favourite things include hot showers on cold ...

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Majlin Erica

Majlin Erica is a PR professional and content marketing specialist. She is the community manager at Mad House publications, where she oversees all communication and engagement. She has almost completed her degree in Public Relations and with a curiosity for futurism, Majlin can be found exploring the relationship between communication, technology a...

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