You Have Spent Money to Build a New Website But Now What?

what to do after building a websiteEarlier today I received a phone call from a family member who had a list of questions about social media and marketing. Perhaps you’ve gotten one of these calls at one time or another. The conversation usually goes something like this-“I just spent money to build a new website for my business…now what?”

Now what? Meaning…now that I’ve spent all this money…how do I get it to help me with my business? Spending the money on the tools isn’t enough. It’s just the beginning. Now comes the really hard part. It’s all about building a plan that utilizes the tools in a way that works for YOU and YOUR business.

Here are some social media tools that you are going to need to incorporate into your plan.

Facebook-Can’t get around this one. If you are not active on Facebook yet-get started now. Secure your business name as a Business Fan Page. Research some similar businesses in your area and on a national level. Check and see what type of activities they run on a regular basis. A Business Fan Page lets you create a page where customers or fans of your business can register as a “fan”. This will help to expand the presence of your business (because your updates will also flow to their pages).

Twitter-Once again, if you don’t already have an account-sign up for one immediately. Twitter offers a great marketing platform. Reserve an account in the name of your business. This will give you the option to tweet from your business account. Research various terms and phrases that have to do with your type of business. Also check out your competitors-see what they’re doing on a daily basis. Make sure to connect your Twitter account to Facebook so that your tweets will appear in your public updates on Facebook. This will let you leverage your time on Twitter to also update your Facebook fans.

LinkedIn-It’s the world’s largest professional network. There are 300 million users worldwide. The U.S. alone has 100 million users. There are 3 million LinkedIn business pages. You get the idea. Reserve your business name. Once again…look around to see how your competitors are using it. Also consider looking up your customers to “connect” with them. Don’t be shy about asking your customers or vendors to give you a “recommendation on your profile.

Your Business Name/Company Blog-For any small business, a blog can offer tremendous value. WordPress-go ahead and learn it and use it. A blog has one Golden Rule-content is king. Choose a focus-one that displays your expertise in your field. Next, write, write, and write. Once you’ve spent some time on your own blog and you have started to gain a level of credibility and trust, consider reaching out to the blog owners with similar businesses-ask whether they’d allow you to guest post an article on their blog. It can be a great way to get in front of a bigger audience.

Local Strategies-Google Maps and Yelp. You can add your business to Google Maps, or update your listing to include additional details. Yelp will allow you to include the URL of your business website. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers who’ve used your services for a review on Yelp.

Analytics-Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that provides detailed, useful information about your website traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Without this data you will never know what’s working and more importantly what’s not working.

Multimedia- YouTube. You can make whatever type of video that works for your business and your marketing efforts. You can upload videos to YouTube to reach a broader audience and also embed the video content in your company blog posts. YouTube also has powerful analytics tools available so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your video content.

In conclusion, whether you are using some or all of the above mentioned tools you must strive to maintain a strong brand consistency and a common voice. That doesn’t to say that the voice has to come from just one person at your company. What it does mean is that everyone that speaks on behalf of your company through your social media network must absolutely maintain the “voice” of your company.

Onward and upward.

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