Will a Digital Marketing Agency do SEO?

More and more these days, many digital marketing agencies do not do SEO. Before employing a marketing agency, make sure you ask the right questions before you commit to one as SEO is an important part of digital marketing.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson debunk another wild and erroneous SEO myth.
Will a Digital Marketing Agency do SEO?

Ian: How are you today?
Andrew: How’re you doing?
Ian: Andrew you well.
Andrew: Yeah i’m cold but i’m well.
Ian: Good! What’re we drinking here?
Andrew: It almost looks like someones put an engagement ring in there… it’s melting.
Ian: It looks like berocca. Is it possible for you to be hungover at 6 o’clock at night? I suppose it is.
Andrew: It actually does smell like bercocca.
Ian: Can I just I remind you because i’ve just realised that we had a mutual shaving agreement and I think we might both be in breach of it so does that mean it cancels each of us out?
Andrew: I was going to say can I remind you that you’re a hypocrite.
Ian: Does it cancel eachother out if we’re both…
Andrew: Of course it does.
Ian: I don’t think we addressed that in the contract. We deliberately did that because we didn’t want to encourage each other to be lazy with it.
Andrew: Nah don’t believe in contracts.
Ian: Right. Will a digital marketing agency do SEO? It’s an instrumental question you should be asking your digital agency. If they are going to do SEO, ask them some questions about it… Do they do it in house? Do they contract it out? Is it offshore? Because SEO does get left out in the cold sometimes and not every digital agency has an SEO component. it’s just impossible unless they’re a very very big agency it’s sort of impossible to address SEO as a whole separate area.
Andrew: Digital marketing or a digital marketing agency should have SEO as part of their core offerings… I mean SEO is digital marketing.
Ian: It is it’s a big component especially now.
Andrew: It’s not just about content, it’s not just about social, it’s a hell of a lot more than that.
Ian: Yes and I still think because of these bigger agencies that have been around for a while they’re a little bit slower moving I suppose in getting up to date with this stuff… no offence guys. When you’ve got an organisation of say 40 or 50 people it’s a lot harder to make changes and I know we’ve had a few agencies approach us wanting to white label our services and as we’ve said in the past SEO is not an easy thing not only to do but to keep up with the innovating but getting clear expectations across to the client. It’s a little bit of an art in itself and different to other expectations that you might set for a client, a social media campaign or any other kind of digital campaign.
Andrew: If you’re thinking about employing a marketing agency… let’s just say I had the pleasure of working for a marketing agency a few years ago who had absolutely no idea what digital was. All they did was traditional marketing such as newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, while those things do work it’s fine, but obviously in this day and age you need to have a digital presence, you need to have a website, you need to be on all the social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all these type of things. Obviously if you have a website you need a company agency that actually does SEO as well. There more to just having a website than having one. You need to make it be seen by people.
Ian: Well yeah it’s all integrated now it’s got to be. Yeah so you’ve just got to ask the right questions basically, whatever form of marketing your com 4.24

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