Why some People Think its Cool To Practice Google Bashing

It seems to be a bit of a sport these days to partake in something called ‘Google Bashing”. This is where you write a blog post, post a thread in a forum or put up a YouTube video, bashing Google for everything under the sun including your bad rankings or poor website performance.

If your website is not performing, the only people you can blame are either yourself due to your lack of knowledge when it comes to SEO, or the cheap SEO company you hired from some exotic island who don’t know what they are doing either.

You can probably blame Google for many things but poor website performance and low rankings are not among them.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the sport of ‘Google Bashing”.




Ian: Speaking of cool and speaking of bashing, oh gee, that’s enough of that…

Andrew: Yeah, that’s not going to work…

Ian: People are bashing Google all the time what is this about?

Andrew: Very good question.

Ian: Very critical and very nit-picky about all the things that go wrong, but there’s so many things that go right!

Andrew: Well that’s the thing you’ll often find that the people who are nit-picking Google, or Google bashing for whatever through posts or online forums or whatever else there is… It’s generally the people who’ve done the most of something that Google is trying to guard against.

Ian: Yeah, they’re a bit shrouded in bitterness…

Andrew: Just on that yes Google is a business and what they’re trying to do is give the user, who are searching for whatever it is they’re searching for the best possible results. Not so much results from some spammy little blog that are trying to sell you Viagra when you type in used cars. That’s the whole thing!

Ian: They’re providing a service. And how do they provide that free service? By raising revenue sort of around using a different way which is through ads.

Andrew: Sure yeah okay sometimes when Google do these updates whether they’re big ones or minor ones, yes some good websites get caught in the crossfire. We’ve been caught in the crossfire before… last week with a bit of a Google update. The thing is you don’t panic and you don’t start changing the way you do things. You don’t start building more links, more links, more links, thinking damn I’m down here now when I thought I was up here. You just let it go.

Ian: Well that’s it yeah.

Andrew: If you’ve done nothing wrong, your website will eventually pick itself up!

Ian: So true and the thing is we have this tendency to nit-pick every single thing whether it’s the weather of the traffic or the… You know Google is obviously addressing certain problems and there’s a reason why that is. And everybody just wants to cut them down. Look at the positive platforms that they’re providing us to promote ourselves now. It’s really changed our whole lives. The fabric of our lives! I don’t want to get too gushy but yeah…

Andrew: Well, look no longer do you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a Yellow Pages Ad. You can get one for free on Google. If not for free you get an SEO company but either way it’s a fraction of the cost if not what initial advertising was. Then you’ve got YouTube…

Ian: The environmental impact as well of course!

Andrew: Yeah. You’ve got YouTube, now anyone can post on there, anyone can put a video on there, a business can make a video and put it on there on YouTube for free, get ranked… so you get more business.

Ian: You mean we’re not paying for this?!

Andrew: Heck, no!

Ian: Ah, I was under the illusion that we were paying for this! That’s why I was doing it! I don’t want anything for free!

Andrew: We wanna get paid for it. Not pay for it! Then you’ve got these hangouts! It’s free!

Ian: Yes!

Andrew: And you’ve got the Google+ Business pages. They’re free!

Ian: Yes, and they bring customers to your door!

Andrew: And Google local search with maps and everything and that is free. Sure you got to do a bit of work to set it up and all of that sort of stuff. But essentially the platform is free.

Ian: Yeah, this reminds me of blogger called Jeff Jarvis. He is not only a blogger but also an educator. He wrote a book “What would Google do?” If you haven’t read that, check it out!

Andrew: Mmmm…

Ian: It talks the Google business model and why it is successful. And how it can be applied to other businesses. For instance a one of the examples he uses a restaurant. When you are looking at the menu. What if you are looking at that menu and it could tell you how many people have ordered the chicken salad. Or it could rank them according to what it is you are looking for. Google has really changed the whole way we see things ,I suppose, in the world.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: And we are only scratching the surface with this particular video.

Andrew: Speaking about the world. What about Google earth. I mean you can’t tell me most people who are watching this have not been on Google earth and just had a bit of a play around with “going travelling online”, for god’s sake!

Ian: Street View technology!

Andrew: You can check a business out or a house. Or whatever the hell you are looking at before you go there!

Ian: Google business photos so you can go inside the business now! It is good that we have done this. But the Google bashing is a daily occurrence. It is good to be mindful! It is just not Google it is human nature, constantly complaining of winging and tweaking… We want to improve and we want to keep each other in check

Andrew: Yes.

Ian: Sometimes we just have to stop and realize and say: You know what this is actually a fantastic tool, platform or company. There is a greater good that is happening here. But there are the little pieces along the way that don’t go right.

Andrew: Just to finish up I was just reading a blog post from some little blogger somewhere. he was saying that Google should not de-index bad links, they should just not count them. He said a lot of the times people do SEO they do know what the difference is between a bad link and a good link and what’s this and that. My response to that is ignorance.

Ian: Oh, they do to!

Andrew: You go into a court of law and say: “Oh I didn’t know that was against the law.” What do you think they’re going to do to you?

Ian: Yeah.

Andrew: “Oh that’s okay you can go you didn’t know…” That’s rubbish! So enough of these Google bashing nonsense everyone.

Ian: Ignorance is not bliss.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: You know we should be using the tool to you know… hit our promotional goals out of the park using all these awesome pre-tools.

Andrew: Yep hit some sixes and some fours and whatever else they do in cricket.

Ian: Which is going to be completely foreign to a lot of Americans but anyway. We can cover baseball in another.

Andrew: Everything is Googlable! So just look up cricket.

Ian: Is Googlable a word?

Andrew: It is now! We’ll trade mark it.

Ian: Great! Well check it out I was going to say on Google but that will be…

Andrew: That can be our motto: ‘Everything is Googlable’

Ian: I’m going to have to go and practise.

Andrew: You do… Googlable!

Ian: Okay, you practise at home and send in your audio files! We’ll speak to you very soon!

Andrew: Bye!


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