Why SEO Is Just Like Housework

Why Is SEO Like Housework?

So you might be reading the above headline and thinking…I certainly hope not. Guess what, it is. Here’s why.

1.) SEO is never “finished”.

Just as the Internet isn’t “finished” the same holds true for SEO. It can’t be finished. With more and more material arriving on the Internet by the minute as well as changing social media platforms and usage, changing market trends and topics, there is always a lot of “dust” settling. Things change at a lightening quick pace. Being aware of this is the vital first step in devising a plan to that works for you and your business needs. It will also help you to feel that you are “staying on top of things.”

2.) A little bit regularly makes a big difference.

Just like laundry and the dishes, doing a bit every day/week means the job never gets too big. For SEO, checking your keyword effectiveness, adding new content on a regular, consistent basis and sharing great ideas you find online is best done in small, regular blocks of time.

3.) Having a strategy and a system makes it quick and easy.

Author Shannon Lush uses the term “speed cleaning” and describes how to put systems in place to clean your house efficiently when you’re time poor. It works the same way for SEO. A smart system for SEO and digital marketing will make things easier. Implementing scheduling tools and idea capture techniques will maximize your efforts.

4.) Spring clean every year for best results.

As your business and the world changes, so will your SEO and digital marketing needs. An annual review of your strategic direction, content and presentation will keep you looking good and once again, that you are on top of things.

5.) You can hire the work out.

If your time is too scarce and too valuable to spend on maintenance work, get someone in to do it. You need to be careful to find a quality service provider, but once you’ve got good help, you can get on with your core business. Be smart, brave and honest enough to realize when you need help. (However, you must keep an eye on the work being done for you. Your SEO provider is great at SEO – and NOT an expert in your business.)

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