Why Is SEO Like Housework?

1. It’s never “finished”

The Internet isn’t “finished” – so SEO can’t be finished. With more and more material on the Internet, changing social media platforms and usage, changing market trends and topics, there’s lots of “dust” settling.

2. A little bit regularly makes a big difference

Like laundry and dishes, doing a bit every day or week means the job doesn’t get too big.  Checking your keyword effectiveness, adding new content and sharing great ideas you find online is best done in small, regular blocks.

3. Having a strategy and a system makes it quick and easy

In SpeedCleaning <<insert link?>>, Shannon Lush describes how to put systems in place to clean your house efficiently when you’re time poor.  Similarly, a a smart system for SEO and digital marketing will make things easier.  Scheduling tools and idea capture techniques will maximise your results.

4. Spring clean every year for best results

As your business and your world changes, so will your SEO and digital marketing.  An annual review of your strategic direction, content and presentation will keep you looking good.

5. You can hire the work out

If your time is too scarce and too valuable to spend on maintenance work, get someone in to do it.  You need to be careful to find a quality service provider, <<link to separate post>> but once you’ve got good help, you can get on with your core business.  (While keeping an eye on the work, of course.  Your SEO provider is great at SEO – and NOT an expert in your business.)


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