Why I Do Not Like SEO

Why do people hate or dislike SEO? Mainly because they don’t really know what it is. SEO is a very specialised aspect of digital marketing and in our opinion commands more respect. Take the time to do your research before you make ignorant statements about it online.



Ian: Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson, “It’s 1 o’clock good afternoon.” You’re on the air.

Andrew: I thought we were just goofing around a bit.

Ian: No we’re on the air. We’re going to talk to you today about reasons why I dislike or I hate SEO.

Andrew: You can say the word hate.

Ian: It’s not I or I, or as in we, there’s just a  lot of stuff online about people who hate or dislike SEO. Tell us about these people?

Andrew: The thing is since we did that video last night, or yesterday, about why people hate SEO we’ve had quite a big response so I thought okay well let’s see what else is out there because at the moment SEO bashing seems to be the in thing.

Ian: Indeed.

Andrew: Just did a bit of a search and some of the titles that came up, for example, one article was titled “Your SEO sucks and you need some friends part 1”. Another one is “SEO sucks and here is why!”. This one was rather odd: “Why females suck at SEO writing”, “Why SEO sucks and adwords can save your business”, “12 signs your SEO guru sucks”, “21 warning signs your SEO sucks”. Well that’s ridiculous you only really need one warning sign, not 21. And 6 sure fire signs your SEO company sucks. Wonderful!

Ian: I know.

Andrew: It sort of made me think well why is there so much negativity surrounding SEO and really about the only thing I can think of is the fact that people are very very ignorant about what SEO is and what SEO is not.

Ian: Yeah that’s the point isn’t it.

Andrew: It is, like one article here I found I won’t actually mention where it’s from.

Ian: Is this the one written by the guy who’s actually working at the company?

Andrew: He’s actually working at the company.

Ian: And he’s saying that…?

Andrew: Well the title is, you can look it up, “I hate the f***ing SEO service industry”. I thought god okay I’ve got the read this one. Well basically what he’s saying is that his company does web development and they do SEO as well which is good. However, he seems to constantly be getting into arguments with the SEO guys saying okay we need keywords here, we need key words there, we need keyword keyword keyword keyword. Forgetting that content all that sort of stuff. Everything with this particular SEO person or section or division or whatever it is, they’re always on about keywords. And of course web developers are always on about how the site looks and functions. SEO people have the sites looked upon by the search engines. So the two just seem to be, at odds with each other.

Ian: Yeah and they don’t need to be.

Andrew: Of course they don’t need to be.

Ian: It’s a lack of knowledge, by the sounds of it.

Andrew: It’s a very big lack of knowledge either on the part of the SEO people of this particular company and by the web developers as well.You know because web developers don’t need to know SEO. They need to understand a website has to be found by the search engines. So there are a lot of things that web developers can do to actually screw that up. You know not intentionally of course because that’s not their thing.

Ian: Yeah, it’s a specialized thing.

Andrew: It is.

Ian: And we don’t expect web developers to know a whole lot about SEO but it sounds like in this case there needs to be a bit more respect.

Andrew: Yes.

Ian: For the science of SEO.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: Sure its not an exact science. Sure we could admit that because nobody knows the rules.Yeah what can you do Google is the only one that knows.

Andrew: Exactly.

Ian: But it needs to be more respected and more understood rather than dismissed.

Andrew: Absolutely and look SEO is not about spamming the search engines, it is not about automated software. SEO simply is all the other methods that are used, that Google and the other search engines approve of, so that people can find your website online. That is the whole purpose of SEO. It is not about focusing all your attention on keywords, it’s not about focusing all your attention on just content, keyword rich titles and all that sort of stuff. I mean that’s all part of it but it’s not the main focus of SEO.

Ian: No it’s not. That’s why it’s called “Search Engine Optimisation” not “Search Engine Manipulation”. SEO not SEM. Although that could be confused by “Search Engine Marketing”.

Andrew: Well I can mention this one, a guy named Dan O’Sullivan from marketingland.com, he actually makes some good points, you know going on about why people hate SEO and people who really hate SEO don’t know the difference between what SEO really is, what search engine spam is and what SEO, what we call snake oil promises.

Ian: Yes.

Andrew: There’s a big difference between the three.

Ian: Yes, there is.

Andrew: Absolutely and of course it’s no wonder, generally people hate SEO and there’s all these sales people saying “i’ll get you to be number one within 48 hours and we can do this we can do that for you” and all these well promises. All these emails people get, we even get.

Ian: And love.

Andrew: You know there’s one that he mentions here that he recently got, just to paraphrase it a bit “my SEO company sent me this, we’ve saved the best promotion for the end of the year only $50 hurry up, take a trial for $50 and we get you linked with one hundred employed websites having PageRank up to 5.” Well you know PagePank up to 5 is lovely but generally you find when they talk about one hundred links with page rank up to 5, one of them will be 5 the rest of the will be crap.

Ian: Right. But regardless of that they have to be quality and relevant links as well. You know it’s not just about the amount you have.

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: And so for someone to say one hundred… I mean it doesn’t work that way anymore. You don’t just say one hundred links and bam. You know 1 + 1 = 2. No, it doesn’t work that way.

Andrew: 100 links from those type of sites is not going to get you anywhere. For a budget of $50 what is that going to buy you. Someone will be sitting there for two minutes putting all this stuff into an automated system that will just spam a search engine with those hundred links and it’ll mean bupkis, it means nothing, it just won’t work. So with a budget of 50 bucks what are you getting?

Ian: Sweet F A.

Andrew: Even as a trial you know. They charge you $50 for a trial, how much do they charge you for an ongoing campaign? $200? Even for $200 what the hell are you going to get. Nothing.

Ian: Are you wound up about this Andrew?

Andrew: I am. I’m sick of reading stuff like this and all this stuff comes from people who don’t know what the hell SEO is. They’re ignorant and then they push this stuff out onto the net and have stupid titles like this, there’s thousands of them.

Ian: Yes and I suppose the scary thing about some of these titles is that it’s not even people that are writing sensational titles to get more traffic or get more ranking, this is just pure ignorance.

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: This is just people who don’t understand it, they’re frustrated because of that and they go to the internet for some sort of feedback or somebody to console them or more to agree with them and what do they get? Us.

Andrew: This stuff just goes around and around in a giant loop, people want to educate themselves about SEO, what’s the first thing they find? They find crap like that.

Ian: Yeah.

Andrew: It goes round and around and around and instead of going to authoritative sources, without blowing anyone else’s trumpet, you know Search Engine Land, one of the best ones out there you’ve got Moz which is also a fairly big optimisation website that gives you factual things about what SEO is and what to do and what not to do or simply go to Google guidelines, Google webmaster guidelines, that’ll tell you everything even though it might be a little biased towards Google if you like, but still it will tell you how it is and what it is and what to do and what not to do, what works and what doesn’t work.  Unlike this crap you know this is just rubbish, it is ignorant people educating ignorant people.

Ian: Yeah well it’s been ongoing. Like if people aren’t already jaded enough about those three letters S E O then people go and push this sort of propaganda if you like.

Andrew: And yes people have had bad experiences with these so called “SEO companies” yes of course. Educate yourself, move on to a bigger firm who hopefully knows what they are doing and don’t go for price. Whatever you do don’t go for price. If somebodys charging you $50 you’re going to get crap.

Ian: You’re going to get absolutely nothing.

Andrew: Then again none of the guys who charge you $20,000 either.

Ian: You can get a decent bottle of scotch for $50. I’d rather do that.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Anyway that’s my rant.

Ian: Excellent.

Andrew: Education is the key for this sort of crap and hopefully one day… and by the way SEO is not dead, it will never die. That’s another thing, that’s a new title.

Ian: That’s another one yeah “Google SEO is dead”

Andrew: Or “Google has killed SEO”

Ian: Can we do a hangout on that one because that’s entertaining some of those ones. Alright obviously a little wound up about this one. There is a lot and we’ve been saying this until we’re blue in the face and I‘ve been saying  I’m blue in the face till I’m blue in the face but we know there’s a lot of ignorance out there, these are obviously just written by people out there who don’t understand SEO. Now SEO is a specialised area and it deserves 100% attention it’s a full time job. It’s ever changing and you need an SEO company as well that’s going to explain to you in plain english what they are actually doing for you. You don’t have to know all the ins and outs of it because quite frankly you probably don’t want to but you have to have some idea of what you’re actually getting and they have to create some sort of value in your mind. If they’re not doing that then they’re not worth while and they’re unprofessional and that’s my rant on this subject.

Thanks very much for watching once again we can give Andrew a little clap because he was really wound up. All these effects by the way are on your right hand side on the Google hangout on your panel. Here’s another one…I’m not sure about that one.

Andrew: It’s supposed to be a cash register.

Ian: I like this one… Andrew Radics! Alright enough of that we’ll see you very soon.

Andrew: Bye.

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