Why Have the Great SEO Companies Allowed the Cheap SEO Guys to Reposition Them in the Market Place?

This question comes from an SEO buddy of mine in Texas. “Why have the great SEO Companies allowed the cheap SEO guys to reposition them in the market place?”

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss is the role bigger SEO companies have played in the rise of spammy cheap seo companies.




Ian: Good morning!

Andrew: How you going

Ian: Morning.

Andrew: I never know when we’re on with this.

Ian: Sorry, Ian Hopkinson, Andrew Radics. This morning we’re going to attempt to answer a question from a buddy of mine in Texas who’s an SEO guy. Actually i’ve got the shirt on, ‘Darwins Pub’ shoutout to everybody at Darwins Pub on the main street in Austin. Good place, awesome people. I wont show you the back, its a bit X rated. Thats their kind of sense of humour.

Andrew: Not for this kind of show.

Ian: No no. I’ve got to make sure there isn’t children following me along the street reading the shirt. Question from james in texas is ‘ Why have the great SEO companies allowed the cheap SEO guys to reposition them in the marketplace?’ So, these little guys who are sending out the constant emails around the world saying “your rankings are in the toilet, you have to do something about it. Urgent, urgent. We will promise you the world” They seem to have repositioned these great SEO companies. They have created a perception in peoples mind that SEO is hocus pocus. And that it shouldn’t cost very much money and doesn’t sort of do all that much. It has given SEO a bad name is really. It’s a great question from James but I don’t know if we have an answer to that, thats something thats very frustrating.

Andrew: With this one I don’t really think there is an easy answer.

Ian: Let’s make it really interesting, because if we don’t I’ll have to show them the back of my shirt.

Andrew: I dont think its an easy answer, or a very definitive answer however i think SEO companies technically allowed it to happen, it has just happened. But probably only because the bigger SEO companies tend to keep to themselves, they keep their methods and methodology and what not to themselves. Which is fine, however, by doing that no one has been speaking out against, to make it sound really dramatic, the dangers of these cheap and nasty SEO tactics.  It’s  what the cheaper SEO companies use.

Ian: Well the old sales adage I suppose is that you have to create value in the customers mind. What this has done is devalued SEO and everyones allowed it to happen really, or however you want to put it. Fallen for it, haven’t done their research. There isn’t the education out there I suppose for people to understand SEO, it’s a fairly technical area and not something people can grasp easily. So I suppose theres a whole conversion of factors that have brought about misconceptions.

Andrew: Yeah, I think it’s not so much the SEO companies that have allowed it to happen. I won’t say blame but, lets just say, onus on consumers themselves. If somebody comes up to you and says “Hey I’ve got the latest and the greatest thing!”, the other stores are selling it for $1000 and i’ve got it for $10, warning bells really should go off. Why’s everyone selling it for  $1000 and you’ve got it for $10? SEO is really no different if you’ve got someone that says I can get you to number one for $99 where the others are charging a few thousand or whatever it might be, you’ve got to stop and think!

Ian: That’s right and that’s something we’ve been rattling on about for quite a bit, if you see something that’s cheap for $50 I suppose the mentality is “Well I suppose it’s only  $50  I’ll give it a go.”  However what they don’t understand is that it can actually cost you money and it’s not just the $50 that you should be concerned about it’ s the person who is responsible for basically having your livelihood in their hands.  Your website is such a crucial part of not just your business but  the onflow that it can have on your life if cash flow is affected by something going wrong. The big thing which is obviously a concern that could go wrong is losing your trust through Google. As in Google penalising you. The time that it takes to recover, you’re losing traffic, you’re losing money.

Andrew: As we also said yesterday the true measure of success on your SEO company is the return on investment that you get. The thing is you have a website, you need customers you need clients, but they have to be very targeted. If you’re a pizza shop in Bayswater for example, you don’t want traffic to your website coming from the other side of the world. That’s useless traffic.

Ian: That’s bad pizza by the time it arrives.

Andrew: Yeah exactly.

Ian: If that’s within the delivery area.

Andrew: These sort of companies can promise you a lot more traffic but traffic from where? We’ve seen Australian websites where they’ve got a Brickston water business and they’re getting most of their traffic from overseas. To them that is useless traffic. So we come along and we spin that around and make it more targeted so that their traffic comes from Australia at least. And majority from whatever state they’re in because people have to go into this business it’s not an online or anything like that.

Ian: That’s right and I can think of a great example where we’ve turned the traffic around recently. How much of the traffic was coming from the U.S?

Andrew: I think 64%

Ian: Yeah 64% of the traffic was coming from the U.S and this is a local based business. And this was a Melbourne based business that really only want to attract the local market. We love America and so does this client but that’s not their market. Why would you have somebody doing your SEO that is giving you global traffic but not the local traffic that you really need to convert into customers and clients. It’s really basic stuff and all the data is there it’s just transparent it’s not invisible. In fact it doesn’t get much more transparent than the tools that Google provides than the tools that Google provides: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools. And the amount of statistics they give to you on YouTube now is expanding. It doesn’t get more transparent if your SEO isn’t doing a good job and you take the time to educate yourself about what this data means, you can keep them on track.

Andrew: What we’ve found is all of these ones with the most traffic coming from overseas is they have used cheap SEO companies. Maybe not necessarily companies they could just be individuals at home, nothing wrong with that of course but it’s the actually quality of the work that’s the issue. Whether it’s a company or an individual or a small business, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter it’s the quality of the work.

Ian: Absolutely and I would say in response to you James, regardless of what’s happened in the past I think it’s time now, particularly with the updates that Google has made, the very positive updates they’ve made to their algorithm, it’s time for us SEO’s who actually know what we’re talking about, we work on this stuff everyday and take the time to research. It’s time for us to re-position the cheap guys! It’s time for us to push back and say “don’t go with this guy and don’t go with these people”, be watch dogs if you like of people to say look “these are the pitfalls, these are the things to watch out for, here’s where it could cost you more money than what you think it’s actually going to cost you. Not just $50, not just $250 a month or whatever it is. It’s going to cost you a lot more than that if it goes wrong!

So thanks for the questions James it’s a good one and if anyone else has a question like that, whether you’re in SEO or you’re in digital or you’re running a business, please get in touch with us. You can comment right on this video if you like, we do monitor that so we’ll respond to you there. In fact the first person who responds if you’re a business, we’ve give you a free digital health check, check out your website and check out your SEO, give you some feedback on where you’re at and where you can improve things. How’s that sound? Are we willing to do that?

Andrew: A lot of work but yes that’s fine!

Ian: We are willing to do that, so if that’s you go ahead and comment on our video here or alternatively go to our website madscientistdigital.com.

Thanks for listening and we’ll actually see you in about three hours. We’ll be answering more of these questions.

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