Who Is Andrew Radics

Andrew is our master of Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management.  He has a deep understanding of how to get the right traffic to websites without paying search engines for placement.




Ian: SEO myths debunked, Andrew Radics! Hang on… this video is about you.

Andrew: Yeah that’s why I look bored already. Here we go.

Ian: I like this idea actually. I like this idea, it wasn’t ours so we can’t take credit for it but Andrew what’s your 5 year plan?

Andrew: Someone I knew once said, “not working with you!”

Ian: That person got the job didn’t they.

Andrew: They did.

Ian: They did. We’re not going to go into the future, we’re going to delve into the past. So how far back do we go?

Andrew: Not too far, some of it’s a bit…

Ian: Obviously SEO is your expertise primarily, how did you get into SEO?

Andrew: Well, funny you should ask! No. I obviously have a management background, I’ve had a lot of management jobs throughout the years mainly in the telecom industry. I was working for one of the major telecom companies until February 2006. I decided I’d had enough, then I thought well what am I going to do so then I started this company called Professional Lifestyle Management, I thought it was a great idea. It was a virtual personal assistant type business, it took a while to get off the ground so  I had a website build back in the day when it costed an absolute fortune, I thought it’s great having this website but what do I do with it now. Someone said you need to do SEO on it and all that sort of stuff so I Googled it and from there I did a lot of experimentation, a lot of trial and error, a lot of big mistakes but then after I got past all of the rubbish that was out there and finally  came across something that actually worked I thought oh yeah, I’m pretty good at this.

Ian: So did that lead to doing some other sites for people?

Andrew: It did, someone that I was working with said oh can you do my site because I’ve spent all this money and it’s not doing anything. So I tried it, I charged him for it and it actually did really well, so I thought why not turn this into a business because it’s going to be more profitable than being a PA for someone else. So in 2009 I think, I started this company called The Expert SEO Company, I had all this stuff printed up I don’t know if you can see that, there’s my logo, everything was green, hence the green foam, stationary and everything.

Ian: You had a sort of Star Treky thing happening.

Andrew: Yeah I thought it was cool.

Ian: Yeah that’s right.

Andrew: So then I started that up, I moved into a small office in Chirnside Park and started from there basically.

Ian: Excellent.

Andrew: So it was a lot of trial and error, no official SEO school or anything like that because there is technically no such thing.

Ian: Google!

Andrew: Well yeah, lots of experience and like I said, trial and error on my own website, I’d never experiment on a client’s website obviously.

Ian: Yeah because you don’t want to get in trouble.

Andrew: Yeah because I’ve goofed up on my one site so many times but I said on another video, the Expert SEO website is still there and it’s still sitting on the first page.

Ian: Well that’s testimony to real work paying off.

Andrew: Yeah and then you found me because you were looking for an SEO guy for your business.

Ian: I did, I Googled you and you were at the top of the page.

Andrew: Yep, then we moved into here and we thought well, lets combine so we did that late last year and here we are.

Ian: You made it sound just so smooth and easy that whole history but it’s been a lot of hard work I can imagine.

Andrew: Oh it wasn’t, it wasn’t. It was easy. Trying to put two businesses together and make it into one. So yeah, that’s basically where I come from.

Ian: Excellent, well there you go. Andrew Radics in brief. Now you don’t have to read his bio.

Andrew: Nah don’t, it’s boring.

Ian: In fact if we could just make our whole website into a video like every single page, it seems to be what people are doing now. They don’t want to read, they just want to watch something, bit lazy is it? It’s just how we take the information in I guess.

Andrew: I think so, I think we’ve gotten to the point like you said, where people don’t read much, they watch videos a lot but then what happens when people get sick of videos? What’s the next step?

Ian: Mind boggles. Whatever it is, we’ll be there.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: As you have been with all the other things that have been happening in the last decade.

Andrew: We try, we try.

Ian: Alright, well done! Speak to you all soon. Thanks Andrew, Andrew Radics.

Andrew: Thanks  for listening!

Ian: I know you really mean that.

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