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We do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – and only SEO. Why? Search engines evaluate everything. It’s a complex, constantly-changing process requiring expert focus.

Here's what we do everyday.

Our services make your business more visible to Search Engine bots and to your ideal customers.

That means that you show up as an answer when a prospect “asks Google” for answers to the problems they have – problems that you solve.

Do you know how your potential customers are searching for you?

How you describe what you do and how your prospects search for answers can be two very different things.

We conduct thorough research to uncover a list of keywords and phrases that can be used throughout your content and copy.

This provides you with deep insight into the minds of your audience, revealing critical information – both what they want and why they want it.

Deep keyword research is the foundation of our expert SEO.

Search engine bots prefer professional presentation

Your website may look fantastic and function wonderfully from your potential clients’ viewpoint. However, from a search engine viewpoint, many “fantastic” websites are unsearchable, ambiguous (unclear as to what problems you solve) and hard to catalogue.

If what is under the hood looks like a mess to Search Engine bots, then your prospects will never see your website – because it won’t be presented to them by their chosen search engine.

On-Page SEO is the process of optimising your site from the search engine’s viewpoint. This is a science unto itself with many technicalities – but it can make a real difference to your ranking.

Your Search Engine visibility is better when every page and post on your website is:

  • correctly catalogued
  • optimally indexed; and
  • consistent with your overall online marketing strategy.

Maximise your business location visibility

Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from Local SEO. 

In the past, to get local exposure for your business, you would have a Yellow Pages listing and then advertise in your local paper for local customers. Today you can reach customers near you with effective and up-to-date Local SEO.

It helps your business be more visible in local search results. It creates a local online profile that helps Search Engines understand your geography and your relevance to local prospects. An added advantage is an overall increase in your web presence and your trust ranking.

If you have a business where customers, suppliers and service providers visit you, then Local SEO is an investment worth making.

Expert local SEO is particularly powerful if:

  • you’re a bricks and mortar business; or
  • if you deliver services on site.

SEO is never done – because both search engines and markets never stop changing.

For maximum visibility, our ongoing SEO service tunes and re-tunes all your copy and content in response to market changes and the thousands of unannounced Search Engine upgrades done every year.

It’s critical to keep your website and your SEO current – not just with major makeovers, but with ongoing optimisation that:

  • Polishes your visual presence
  • Polishes your message and your value proposition
  • Polishes your SEO (in response to thousands of Search Engine updates every year)
  • Polishes your content to ensure it’s consistent and adding value for existing and prospective customers

Just like refurbishing your office or shop front, staying relevant on the web can mean anything from “fresh paint” to a complete overhaul or even a total rebuild of your website.   

SEO is a long game - not a quick fix.

SEO is never “DONE” – technology changes, trends change, markets change, your business changes, your customers change, and Search Engines are constantly updated. While there are some “booster” strategies that we can help you with, successful SEO requires an ongoing working collaboration, not just some magical SEO fairy dust.

With decades of experience, our clients can access a “trust kickstarter” to add extra value to their SEO investment and develop an ongoing marketing journey where they seek to build a better business by attracting more of the right customers. 

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