Virtual drinks with drag queens

laptop screen with drag queen sangria class on zoom

As a Melbourne-based business, Mad Scientist Digital is in Stage 4 Lockdown. So we’ve all been working from home and meeting online.

So at the start of September – when the Victorian Premier announced we were in for another 4 weeks of iso (aarrghh!!)– we decided that we needed to organise our team a bit of virtual R&R to lighten our hearts and bring us together as a team.

We needed to do some active bonding, and to be reminded that there’s a whole world out there outside our individual iso-bubbles.

So the Friday drinks we used to do face-to-face, we did online. But with a twist (or two, or three, or ten).

We’re in the business of online business, and one of the trends we’ve been watching is the wealth of creative business pivots.

As part of the AirBNB ultimate pivot from physical to virtual, there’s a whole smorgasbord of online experiences that their providers invent new offerings. You can wander Pompeii with an archaeologist, go on safari in Africa, or meditate with a buddhist monk.

We went with “Sangria and Secrets” – and frocked up for the occasion ourselves. It took us WAY out of Melbourne’s dodgy spring weather and our various home offices. A wonderful combination of performance, conversation and kitchen creativity.

It was massive fun AND it created a unique and unforgettable memory that we will all take with us going forward as a team – of shared laughter and relaxation.

drag queens online cocktail class

SANGRIA AND SECRETS: Fabulous Drag Queens will teach you how to make the most authentic, fresh, and delicious Portuguese sangria, ALL from scratch, step by step! We will not only share this traditional secret recipe, but we’ll also be serving up our unique live performances on stage! It’ll be a cabaret-style digital cocktail class you’ll never forget.” 

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