To grow your visibility in Organic Search Results, building a high level of trust with Google is your magic key.

Trust is mainly established by having high-quality websites with relatable, on brand and credible content linking to your website. The key measure of trust we use is Trust Flow; a respected SEO metric created by Majestic. It measures the quality of the links pointing to your site. There is a strong correlation between Majestic’s Trust Flow number and the amount of traffic a website receives indicating it is relatively accurate and a good indicator to monitor.

Links are the number 1 ranking factor out of some 200 clues that Google looks for to rank a brand online. Meaning, it is crucial to create a strategy to obtain links, in order to build trust and increase your visibility.


While trust flow measures quality links; Citation Flow is the number of all links to your website, quality or not. It’s important to keep an eye on Citation Flow if this is increasing and Trust Flow is remaining the same, this indicates that there may be poor quality links being created to your website, and not the top shelf links you deserve.


The key number you should be looking at is your Trust Flow for the current month, we are looking for this to increase. Additionally, you should look at how your current trust flow compares to your Citation Flow.

In a perfect scenario, you are looking for a high Trust Flow with a Citation Flow equal to or lower to your Trust. This indicates, that a majority of links to your website are of good quality.

You will often find that as you begin Ongoing SEO your Trust Flow will increase very quickly at the beginning and then start to become more stable; this is because Trust Flow is an index out of 100, the higher this number grows the harder it is to increase it. Remember, Trust Flow isn’t everything and you should consider it in the context of the other metrics provided.