There Should Be Room In Your Marketing Budget for SEO

Often times, SEO is left out in the cold when it comes to businesses  marketing budget. With SEO being so crucial to your digital marketing, why does that happen? Why is it thought of after all the money is gone? You have gone to all the trouble of  building  a magnificent website and by not doing  SEO, you are driving a high-performance sports car that hasn’t been tuned. Why would anyone you do that? So, plan SEO from the beginning and put it at the top of your marketing priorities. If you happen to have a digital strategist and that person  dismisses it or puts it at the bottom of his marketing priority list – find a new one-fast!

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss some of the reasons why it is important to keep SEO high in your list of priorities when you plan your marketing budget.



Ian: Good morning.

Andrew: How are you going?

Ian: Ian Hopkinson

Andrew: Andrew Radics

Ian: Really? Is that your real name?

Andrew: Yeah, it is this time around.

Ian: This time around… until next time we’ll come up with another name for you. Send your names in, if you’ve got other names for Andrew…

Andrew: God, I set myself up for that didn’t I.

Ian: Today we’re talking about the importance of making room in your marketing budget for SEO. Now. SEO has never been more important, we’re not saying this just because we’re SEO people.. or are we? No we’re not. SEO is really important and it shouldn’t be an after thought either financially or strategically so whether you’re laughing a new website, business or rebranding, whatever challenges your business is facing for the next year, SEI has to be at the top of your list. I’m not saying number one, I’d like to say that but just at the top of your priorities, not at the bottom of the list. We get a lot of people who come to us and say ‘excellent, I’ve spent a fortune on the website, we’ve got a new logo, we’ve just moved into a new office, we’ve got all this stuff going for us, we’ve got no money left. Can you do us some SEO now?’ Please don’t be one of those people.

Andrew: Well yeah, the problem with doing it that way is that instead of doing it right in the first place, now it’s time to play catch up and that can be very costly because as we mentioned yesterday, if the URl structures are not right and all these sort of things aren’t put in place when you have your website built then it’ll cost you more.

Ian: It’s a real tail chasing exercise. It defeats the purpose, the whole point of doing a plan whether it’s a marketing or strategic one is to be organised and to roll things out strategically and within a budget. Put SEO at the top of the list… what are these drinks?

Andrew: I don’t know… I spoke to the guy downstairs and asked him to come up with something new and this is what he sent up. I think they are supposed to be carrosoles, I think he was trying to keep with the digital theme.

Ian: I’ll have what he’s having.

Andrew: It looks like something off Star Trek.

Ian: It does actually. Anyway… Oh look a squirrel! Specific examples of where it’s important not to be chasing the tail and have SEO as a priority, Andrew?

Andrew: You’re going to make me read something aren’t you?

Ian: Yeah probably if you need to.

Andrew: Ok obviously the whole idea of SEO and having a website is to be found on Google and the other search engines. I know we’ve talked about this before but one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO and what a lot of SEO companies don’t do and worry too much about is on-page optimisation. Without going into all the intricate details basically it’s optimising your website so that it can be found by the search engines.It’s as simple as that and just by doing on-page optimisation – we’ll just read out a couple of figures here.

Ian: Oh I like when this happens.

Andrew: What we were able to do for one client who already had their website for quite a few years, was that we started working with them in the beginning of February of 2013. In January of 2013 do you know how many visitors they actually got to their website? This is peak season for these people.

Ian: 300?

Andrew: I wish. 243.

Ian: That’s terrible.

Andrew: it is! But like I said, that was peak season for what they do and by the time we finished with the on-page, take a guess?

Ian: 500?

Andrew: No. Jeez. That’s asking not enough actually, 2069! The following month it grew to 2333 and in the following month over 2500 and we just did on-page optimisation for them. That was it back then now it’s different of course but

Ian: That’s an example of a client who didn’t even have SEO on their radar but when they actually gave it a go, realised how important it was. You can have a website, that’s great but if you actually want to get people there you need an SEO strategy.

Andrew: If it’s not being seen then you’ve just wasted your money. Another one we just did recently a couple of months ago, once again, on-page is all we did. It was an e-commerce website. Their sales after the first month of what we did rose, guess how much?

Ian: I hate this game. Um, 135%.

Andrew: You’ve read this before haven’t you? 135%!!!!

Ian: Oh so I did remember that one.

Andrew: You did remember that.

Ian: I have got to say that’s bloody impressive. I know we’re talking about ourselves here but we’re bloody impressed. We’re unreal.

Andrew: The point we’re trying to make here is the importance of on-page optimisation or proper website setup in the SEO sense. You know, these guys, their sales will grow and grow and grow and grow because of that. Of course that’s just one part of it but you need keep going with optimisation as well, you can’t just set and forget. You can only get so far and then your competitors are going to keep doing the exact same thing so they’re going to keep climbing higher and higher and eventually you will just drop.

Ian: Yes and that’s right, you have to do the on-page and you have to position yourself to be found by google but then you have to do your ongoing marketing initiatives and this brings us back to the point that SEO is so integral to your marketing across the board whether it’s your social, whether it’s your newsletter, other content initiatives that you’re running, you might be doing webinars, you might be doing Google hangouts, you might be doing face-to-face seminars, you might be doing a whole host of different promotional things, SEO has to be thought of with every aspect of that, it’s completely integrated. I know people hate that word integrated but it needs to be literally thought out, do this is in a smart way and the only smart way to do it is to think about SEO all the way through.

Andrew: To me people say what exactly is SEO as far as your website is concerned. Well for me it’s kind of like the engine in your car, if you start your motor and let it run and then start pulling bits and pieces of it, disconnect this wire, disconnect that wire, take out your alternator, take out whatever else, bit by bit it will work less and less efficiently until eventually it stops. So SEO is like the engine in that sense that every part that goes into your engine, on their own don’t do very much like the spark plug, if you just let it sit there it doesn’t do anything, put it inside your motor, it starts working. Once everything is fine tuned like that, like in an engine you’ll get places, if it’s not, you wont.

Ian: Well yeah, that’s it. You build the car and then you don’t put petrol in it, it doesn’t go anywhere and a lot of people’s websites are like that, they get to the end of the website development, they’re very excited about it, let’s launch this thing and there’s no one going there. Even with a bit of social that’s fine but what you’re going to find is that unless you’re doing a lot of social the organic traffic that is coming through your SEO initiatives is going to drive much more traffic then your social will. This is much, much more of a reliable investment then content marketing and social is. It really is, I know it all works together, so bottom line, think of SEO as a priority, count it into your marketing budget, count it into your discussions all the way through your plan of your business, at whatever stage you’re at. Can we make it any clearer than that?

Andrew: I don’t think so.

Ian: I don’t think we can. I don’t think we should drink these because I just had a little bit of a taste and I think we need to talk to the barman downstairs.

Andrew: I don’t think he likes us very much. Anyway.

Ian: Thanks for watching us again and of course, if you have any questions, queries worries, concerns, feedback go to If you are web designer, web developer, client go to our homepage and click on the big red button and you can get a digital health check, we’re happy to run some figures and give you some feedback on your website and what you need to do and that’s completely free of charge, you will even get us on the phone or on Skype for 10-15 minutes to explain it to you. So do that if you’re wandering in the dark and you’re in need of a bit of advice, and we’ll speak to you all soon.

Andrew: Bye.


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