There Is an Expert SEO Company Out There For You

The search for an expert SEO company can be daunting for most people especially if they have been burned by an SEO company before. In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson share some useful tips on what to look for in an SEO company.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss what you need to look for before hiring your next SEO company for your website.




Ian: How are you today? Well today we’re going to talk about – there is an expert SEO company out there for you, don’t give up.

Andrew: It’s right here! That’s weird.

Ian: This is a scary effect isn’t it?

Andrew: It is.

Ian: You’ve never looked so pixelated.

Andrew: I’ve got a checkered past.

Ian: Where’s the boom, crash…boom boom boom? Hang on quick, i’ll just find that. You’ve got a checkered past? Where’s the one liner? And here it comes… There we go.

Andrew: We’ve got to stop having fun.

Ian: Was that a drum roll? No hang on that was a drum roll, we actually want this one. Alright there is an expert SEO company out there for you, and we’re going to give you a few tips on how you can find them.

Andrew: Can we get rid of all this?

Ian: You want it to be normal? But then, ok. This is all very experimental, sorry people. Remove all effects, there we go, slow learning process isn’t it?

Andrew: What on earth is this stuff?

Ian: No you tell me? You were the one that mixed the concoction with the lab rats.

Andrew: I put blue lime

Ian: It looks to me like hydrochloric acid and windex.

Andrew: It does, doesn’t it? It’s pretty blue though.

Ian: Yeah, it probably is. Anyway, how after being, I suppose being in a situation where you’ve been burned shall we say by a SEO company, how do we avoid that happening again?

Andrew: Good question. Quite a few ways. First thing that I would do is I would hop online, if I had a company in mind, and I would check their reputation. However, one of the best ways to check out a company’s reputation is to check out their reviews.  And another little tip is you type in their name, whatever it may be, and then you put in the word review, and the word complaint or scam. And then bang, if there’s any issues with that company it’ll be on the first page.

Ian: It will be, I mean not every time will it be legitimate, sometimes there’s people out to get other companies which is not a great thing. But most of the time if there’s complaints about a company it will show up.

Andrew: Yeah definately.

Ian: Right, what else have we got?

Andrew: Once you’ve done that and you’re happy with the company that you’re thinking about going with, obviously give them a call or email them or whatever and they’ll get in touch with you. Then, a couple of things you would ask for. You would ask for case studies of some of their other clients, and maybe get some references from some of their clients and actually talk to them and see, you know, what they’ve got to say about it. One way to find out who their clients are generally is hop on their website once again and check some of their work, and just out of the blue call some of the clients that they’ve got listed on their website.

Ian: And hopefully you’ll get someone who will know something.

Andrew: Well yeah

Ian: Really, those guys work for us? I didn’t know that.

Andrew: Yeah but I think you’ll find…

Ian: What department are you? We’re the marketing department.

Andrew: I think you’ll find though, that if you ring up a company and say look I just want to get some advice from you about the SEO company that you guys use, I want to use them, do you recommend them? And if there’s anything wrong, what people generally do is they’ll tell you exactly what the problem is and don’t use them because this that and the other, we’re not happy. If they’re happy, they’ll tell you that as well.

Ian: Yeah, people don’t mind doing that do they? So, that’s good advice talking to some of their clients.

Andrew: And I wouldn’t generally ask the SEO company for referrals, because generally what happens is they will only give you referrals from people that they get along with well or that they know will give them a good… you know?

Ian: Well that’s it, it’s a little bit like that whole resume reference thing. In alignment with reading peoples testimonials, I mean, it’s kind of a bag of hot air really isn’t it? To get authentic feedback or reviews you really need to ask people to get that anecdotal evidence.

Andrew: Yep, definately.

Ian: Well, the big final tip is kind of how you and I met really. I Googled, I was looking for a SEO partner. I Googled you and there you were, front page.

Andrew: There I was, front page.

Ian: First page, right at the top.

Andrew: So it does work.

Ian: We’ve talked a lot about this with some of these cheaper companies that don’t have websites and don’t have proper email addresses and don’t really exist. Why would you throw money at that when you can Google, you know? It’s evident if they’ve come up on the first page it’s a pretty good sign they know what they’re doing. Particularly in a heavily competitive SEO marketplace.

Andrew: And it is very competitive.

Ian: So, don’t give up. I guess the analogy you could liken it to is employing people is hard, you know finding really good people to work for you is hard. Because you maybe have one bad egg that doesn’t work out for one reason or another, you don’t stop looking for employees, you don’t suddenly throw in the towel and say right that’s it, I’m not going to employ anybody anymore. So keep at it, you will find the right partner. If you’ve already had a few issues around it, learn from them and try not to make those, or try and take a new course of action that’s going to ensure that you get a better result. Anything to add?

Andrew: No, I think we’ve covered it pretty well.

Ian: Ok, good. Now onto some serious stuff. After our discussion yesterday I have shaved, as I said that I would. And I have prepared, well look I did have a really long document which you probably wouldn’t have read, but I’ve now got it down to 1 pages. It’s a mutual shaving agreement. Ok so, if you can have a read of that and sign that? Just to save you a lot of reading, basically it says that we have to shave three times a week. If we don’t shave three days a week, then we can’t do Google Hangouts anymore.

Andrew: Okay.

Ian: So, I could be solo hosting the show if you don’t want to comply with the contract.

Andrew: No, no no no no… This to me sounds very one sided. What if I want to grow a goatee?

Ian: There is a clause in there, there is a percentage of facial hair that is allowed but once you go over that threshold you’re in breach of contract. So I believe it’s 15%, if it takes up more than 15% of your face then you’ve got an issue. There’s a clause in there also that we can have an agreement beside that, but it has to be in writing so we’ll have to email each other.

Andrew: Okay, well like I said yesterday; my people will call your people.

Ian:  Yeah well, hopefully you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a lawyer, just have a good read and a think.

Andrew: You are crazy.

Ian: It’s pretty straightforward. Anyway, there is an expert SEO company out there for you. You’re probably thinking after this whole mutual shaving thing that probably that shouldn’t be us. What kind of contracts are these guys going to draw up for me? Ah yes, questions, queries, worries, concerns – get in touch with us and try out a few different backgrounds on Google Hangouts, there’s a few new ones. Oh that’s cool, there’s lots of different ones here.

Andrew: That’s like the weather out here at the moment.

Ian: So if you’ve got a flat sort of plain background, doesn’t have to be green screen, you can put this on and you can sort of transport to various different places. And this one will focus in on the faces and ignore the rest.

Andrew: Oh yeah that’s pretty cool.

Ian: I like this one, especially when it’s really cold. Suddenly you don’t need the heater anymore.

Andrew: Deck chair, there we go I like this one.

Ian: Yeah, we could do this all day.


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