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SEO gets better when we do it together.  

The best results happen when our clients and partners understand the hands on process of SEO, especially the On-page side.

So to make our collaboration with your business a whole lot easier, we’ve been building the Mad Scientist Institute. That way we can teach you the science of On-page SEO and empower you with the knowledge to take care of things on your website.

Discover what Google ISN’T looking for

You’ll come away with a whole new understanding of getting found online. Because we’ll teach you what Google is REALLY looking for…  without boring you to smithereens…

We do training the Mad Scientist way – with humour, experimentation, science and real partnership.

Our SEO courses will introduce you to the fundamentals of On-page SEO, with a big focus on optimising your own content. Here’s a sneak peek into just some of the areas we cover:

Get to know the OTHER Mad Scientist…

The Institute is the “baby” of our backroom brainiac Andrew Radics, who comes out of the shadows to teach you what we’ve learned over decades of experimentation and stubborn independence.

“forget everything you’ve ever heard or read about SEO and just bare with me…”

What’s in it for you? 

When you understand On-page SEO, then your digital marketing process becomes smarter as well as faster (as well as a bit less expensive).

It’s a win/win, because when you become better at basic SEO, that frees us up to collaborate and do the seriously geeky stuff.

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