Jemmy Rostandy

Jemmy Rostandy is an Ongoing SEO Client Manager at Mad Scientist Digital. He specialises in on-going SEO, and spends most days working on a wide range of projects. He is a bit of a digital all-rounder. Whether he’s managing digital assets, writing and optimising content or analysing information, Jemmy is efficient and reliable. He spends long hours consumed by Google’s many mysteries, but he never loses track of his end goal – to exceed client expectations and deliver great results, in a timely manner.

What fascinates him the most about SEO is how it enables businesses to stay relevant in the digital space, no matter the industry. He enjoys the competitiveness of the space, knowing that with the right tools and methods, he can improve his client’s rankings organically.

Jemmy started his career at MSD as an intern, in early 2018. Until then he had never fully understood what SEO really meant, and he wanted to learn more than he had been taught at University. All he knew was that SEO had something to do with helping businesses to compete online. And in a world that was becoming increasingly digital… he felt needed to know more. Therefore, when the time came to complete an internship, he jumped at the opportunity to join the Mad Scientists. During his placement, Jemmy demonstrated a great work ethic, excellent creative abilities and a willingness to learn. In other words, he knocked the socks off our CEO – and was offered a job.

Aside from working at Mad Scientist, he also engages in a bit of graphic design. He says he’s quite fascinated by printing processes, especially on offset and traditional printmaking methods. In his free time, Jemmy likes to work on new designs and illustrations, gaming with friends or listening to music.

He also has a small but growing collection of houseplants.

In Jemmy’s Words

My genius is: Comprehensive thinking, persistence, graphic design and illustration.

My madness is: Alternative music and Disney songs, gaming (on my MacBook)

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