Social Media…With Great Power There Also Comes a Great Responsibility

Social Media…With Great Power There Also Comes a Great ResponsibilityFacebook…Twitter…Instagram. Each three are all new, powerful social media tools of the modern world. Each three of these tools are vital components of any social medial plan assembled for your business. They are in essence, broadcast tools by which you will send messages out into the world conveying information pertaining to your business. These messages will help to spread your brand message, drive traffic to your site, increase your audience and ultimately increase your customer base. That’s looking at it from a positive perspective.
There is another side to the power of social media. It’s a dark, irresponsible side. Recent case in point: Australian Singer and Songwriter Sia Furler was looking to seek revenge via Twitter after dry cleaning staff at Metropolitan Garment Cleaning in Jamaica, New York did a terrible job with her favourite clothing. They quite simply ruined her favourite clothes. She immediately enlisted the help of 468,000 Twitter followers to offer “suggestions for revenge/pranks on dry cleaners that ruined favourite things and won’t take responsibility? Please discuss.”
Suggestions from followers ranged from writing a hit song about the dry cleaner to bringing in deliberately soiled garments to the dry cleaners. Sia then posted yet another message. “Please write ridiculous terrible reviews here.” She then put the link of the dry cleaning business together with her post. Subsequently, Yelp was flooded with negative reviews of the dry cleaners from many of her fans that don’t even live in New York and could have ever used the service. Due to the fact that Yelp’s Terms of Service states that reviews must be based on your personal experience with a business- the bad reviews which were a direct result of Sia’s tweets, had to be removed.
While this is a rather extreme case of social media being abused it does speak to a bigger issue. When you are crafting messaging to send out to the world via your social media network, make sure it is done in a concise and positive manner. The messaging you are sending hopefully represents all the hard work that you and your company do on a daily basis. If it doesn’t, then you need to rethink the message. Think of it this way. Years ago when e-mail became our main source of communication in the world I had one suggestion for all my business colleagues. Never send messaging in an e-mail that you would not say to the person if they were standing right in front of you. It’s not rocket science…make your message simple and straight forward.
Onward and upward.

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