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Google Algorithm updates don’t happen often

Each year, Google alters its search algorithm around 500 times. While the majority of these changes are small, Google sometimes rolls out a “significant” algorithmic upgrade (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in a huge way.

Bad Links – Google won’t know

There is one myth that I have heard over and over again and that is that Google wont find any of my ‘bad’ links so it doesn’t matter what sites I link to. When we talk about bad links, we mean links that come from a ‘bad neighbourhood’. Meaning basically porn sites, gambling sites and drug type sites in particular. The best practice is to not link to sites like that because it will not do you any good ranking wise or getting traffic either.

The more links the better

Many years ago the school of thought was that the more links you had pointing to your website, you would rank the higher in the results. While that may have been true in the past, it definitely is NOT true in todays SEO climate. More to the point, the more spammy links you have going to your website from outside sites that are totally unrelated, generally, your rankings will be the worse for it.

My IT Department can do SEO

It’s a rare circumstance we talk to an IT Department that can hold down a 2 minute conversation about the fundamentals of SEO. An IT department shouldn’t even be left with this responsibility. This is for a Digital Marketing Dept at the very least, but more effectively, a dedicated SEO expert that works in-house or is contracted to work in with the marketing dept.

You must be Number 1

A common SEO myth is that to start earning money from your website, you have to be high up in the searches.  Do you have to be in the number one spot in the organic rankings to start getting any benefit from an SEO campaign? The answer is…no you do not!

Any link is a good link

The statement ‘any link is a good link’ is truly one of those SEO myths. Not every link is a good link. Too many business owners get so caught up in the number of links pointing to their site instead of concentrating on quality content that can generate natural links to their site through social sharing and other methods. Natural links are earned when great content is developed.

Adwords get you better organic ratings

This inaccurate statement is one of our faves. It makes us laugh every time we hear it. It’s just simply not true. It’s true that sometimes you can garner some information from an Adwords campaign and this can aid in a more targeted and successful organic campaign. But NO, Google does definitely not help you with a lift in organic rankings if you are paying them for Adwords.

Is SEO dead?

As the SEO landscape changes, more and more opinions from bloggers, SEO experts and conspiracy theorist emerge proclaiming that SEO is DEAD! At Mad Scientist Digital, we are going to dedicate a whole series of videos debunking all of the popular SEO myths starting with the first one: Is SEO Dead?

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