SEO Myths Debunked – Google Algorithm updates don’t happen often

Each year, Google alters its search algorithm around 500 times. While the majority of these changes are small, Google sometimes rolls out a “significant” algorithmic upgrade (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in a huge way.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss Google Algorithm Updates and what they mean.







Ian: SEO myths debunked! Google Algorithm updates don’t happen very often Andrew do they?

Andrew: Heck no! Course not…

Ian: There’s only about 500 or 600 a year. Well there’s the main updates and then there’s the minor updates.

Andrew: Absolutely, this sort of conversation I can imagine about all these algorithm updates is all the SEO geeks having a chat around the water cooler.

Ian: Is that why that’s there?

Andrew: That’s why that’s there? Not to mention I’m freezing, but yes!

Ian: Well I’ve got a water cooler of my own. It’s a lot more portable. It’s called ice. Well there you go that’s my water cooler.

Andrew: You know what the use for ice is? There we go.

Ian: There you go. What have we got today?

Andrew: I don’t think this is ice.

Ian: Oh dear!

Andrew: I don’t know what these guys in the lab are doing to us.

Ian: They’re experimenting on us constantly that’s the whole point.

Andrew: They’re melting… Anyway.

Ian: So, updates, there’s major updates.

Andrew: Yeah, alright so far this year believe it or not there’s been about 4 major updates.

Ian: This year? We’re only half way.

Andrew: We’re more than halfway through already.. And just for those people who were wondering what they were, the most recent one is called Panda 4.0, the one before that was Payday Loan 2.0. The next one was Unnamed Update and the first one for this year was Page Layout #3.

Ian: Unnamed Update is my favourite one, that’s very creative Google.

Andrew: I think they ran out of animals to name these updates after. Well all those updates obviously target something whether it be spam or blog networks, all these sorts of things.

Ian: That’s right. It’s the cat and mouse game.

Andrew: Pretty much, a nice frightening statistic there is like you mentioned before, last year alone there were between 500 and 600 updates, well that’s close to two a day.

Ian: Yes that’s right. And these are sort of the little tinkering updates. I’d love to know whether Google plans these updates out ahead or time or whether they just have a whole lab of propeller heads just sitting there doing what they see needs to be addressed on that particular week or day.

Andrew: I’d say for the major ones they have them plans whereas the minor ones, they’re just that they’re constantly trying to improve and test etc. You always know when an update has happened by the chatter on Twitter, SEO blogs, SEO forums, digital marketing forums and all these sort of things. People just go crazy saying: “Oh my sites been hit I’m losing traffic! Bloody Google has screwed me up again!” And all that sort of nonsense! As I’ve always said, if you do the right thing in Google’s eyes, whether or not you agree with it is irrelevant, you should be fine. Your website should not be hit. If it does, it will be a minor thing, you may go down just a few spots but then eventually you’ll get back up there.

Ian: You’ll ride through the changes if you’re doing the right things.

Andrew: Yeah, all these people who moan and groan about it all are the ones that are doing the stupid things anyway.

Ian: Yeah and as we’ve spoken about in the past, when these changes do happen there is sometimes a little bit of panic. There’s a readjustment period, the Google dance, is that part of that terminology? So yeah, don’t panic if this does happen to you don’t worry, after a day or two it will readjust.

Andrew: But the myth of Google doesn’t update very often is debunked basically.

Ian: Totally debunked!

Andrew: There’s only quite a few major ones but then there are a lot of minor ones.

Ian: Yeah that’s right. It makes you wonder, who says this kind of stuff? But a lot of people do, I don’t know if there’s many excuses to be ignorant these days with just all this information a search away. I suppose it’s really about finding trusted sources of information.

Andrew: Absolutely! Just on this, I was looking up to see how many updates there were last year, there was one blog that said ‘Google does 200 a day’. 200 a day?! And another one said “Oh, they did a few hundred last year!” and I thought: oh my god, there are so many people chiming in on this, whether its 500, 600 or even 10 000, who the hell cares! It’s the way it is! It’s just Google in their great wisdom trying to make things better for users with their searches, and that’s all it is.

Ian: Alright, debunked! Thanks for joining us.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: We’ve just got to say thank you very much to the water cooler for providing us with pleasant conversation. It’s a matter of a opinion really, depending on which chair you’re sitting in.

Andrew: It’s going back in the office.

Ian: Thanks for listening, or [email protected], if you want to email us hit us up with any question whatsoever, we might even address it on the show.

Andrew: Criticisms and complaints are also welcome!  Address them to Ian.

Ian: All of those things: If you don’t like what Andrew is wearing, or if you like what he’s wearing, if you’ve got some reactions to some of the Google authorship comments that we’ve made in yesterday’s video.

Andrew: We got a few comments about that didn’t we.

Ian: You should go and watch that if you haven’t seen it because it basically fell into nothingness. It fell into disarray because we were laughing so much we didn’t really get to finish what we wanted to.

Andrew: Didn’t somebody say that we should put the recipes up for the drinks on the website?

Ian: They did. I don’t know whether that’s a good idea it’s a bit of a ‘don’t try this at home’. Speak soon! Thanks for that.

Andrew: Bye!

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