SEO is Not a Cost Its an Investment

Everyones heard of SEO. Most people know that it is good for their website and for all kinds of online businesses. But, most see it as taking a huge chunk out of their yearly marketing budget with no visible return. However, if its done by a reputable SEO company who know what they are doing, SEO is not a cost but it’s an investment.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how SEO is not a cost but if done right, it should be an investment.




Ian & Andrew: Awesome intro with some quality singing and guitar playing.

Andrew: Guitar playing I’m not an expert in…

Ian: …But SEO you are?

Andrew: Yeah I think so.

Ian: SEO is not a cost it’s an investment and you will find out why we’re playing guitars, won’t you. When Andrew explains some of the analogies.

Andrew: Of course.

Ian: So why is SEO an investment not a cost?

Andrew: The reason we came up with this one is because we have so many people saying “oh, I wasn’t expecting it to be that much,” or “what do I get for my money” and those sort of objections which is fine. But this is why we say that SEO is not a cost but an investment, for the simple reason that whoever does your SEO for you and what they do for you should be a huge return on investment. You pay X amount for SEO services and you should be getting X amount back.
Ian: You shouldn’t end up losing money, if you did what’s the point.

Andrew: No, and it shouldn’t take forever either, we’re not looking at twenty-four hour results or anything but simply put. You could buy an SEO with your website analytics, generally Google analytics, if you keep an eye on that and if it’s set up correctly, then you will be able to see what your returns are.

Ian: Let’s go through some of the main points and then I’ll talk about the digital health check.

Andrew: Well basically if your ranking is only on page two, you are really leaving money on the table it’s as simple as that really. The ideal spots to be for the best click-through rates are basically in the top three positions on the first page.

Ian: But as we said that doesn’t have to be for every one of the keywords necessarily.

Andrew: No, no, because you are going to be ranked on a lot of other keywords that are related to your market along the way as well. So really the first three spots on the first page is the Holy Grail or the sweet spot if you like.

Ian: Yep. But not for all of your keywords, only for the ones that you want to be targeting.

Andrew: So for that simple reason, SEO is an investment not a cost. Because your costs should be lower than what you get back.

Ian: Fair enough.

Andrew: The second reason that it is not a cost but should be an investment is the fact that once you do it should shine the spotlight on your rockstar (hence the guitars). Or in other words, your number one salesperson in your company. Obviously I’m not talking about a single person in this case, I’m talking about your website. Your website is the rockstar of your sales. Because what other employee do you have that does what it’s told, never calls in sick, never sleeps, is on the go every day all day all year and doesn’t need food or coffee. It’s the perfect employee. So why wouldn’t you want to lavish a lot of your attention onto your main sales channel.

Ian: Yes, good analogy actually.

Andrew: Yeah, I thought so, better than my playing but oh well.

Ian: It’s been a while for both of us since we played so.

Andrew: Actually that’s the first time we’ve ever played together. The guitars were sitting in the corner there so I thought I’ll give it a try.

Ian: Yeah it is, it might be the last if we get some comments on this video about it.

Andrew: Hope we didn’t butcher the song. So really your website should be your number one sales channel if you like.

Ian: That’s a really good point. To think of it as a member of your sales team, the most instrumental I suppose is a good way of thinking. Which leads me back to what I was going to say. We have actually come up with an internal system here where we can get a really good picture of how a website is doing, directly related to revenue. This is what we call our digital health check, I’ve got one here, it’s very colourful, very shiny too. Basically on one page it gives you the breakdown of how your business is performing percentage wise and then performing.

Andrew: I find it funny how long it took you to laminate that.

Ian: Yeah it was my first time using a laminator and now it’s so shiny you can’t even see it on the screen. I’m not a laminator but anyway, basically it gives you a quick snapshot. It gives you a grade from A, B, C or D, a score out of one thousand, and then what it does is it tangibly applies it to the revenue that you’re leaving on the table. You’ve got unique visits, conversions, average spend and potential revenue per month. So it’s a quick snapshot of how your website is doing and how that’s affecting your revenue tangibly. It’s very on par, we’ve done hundreds of sites using this system and it’s right on par with how the website is doing. It is not intrusive as if we do a digital health check on your website, it leaves it up to you to plug in your own figures, we don’t ask for your figures if you aren’t a client or anything like that. So that’s as sales pitchy as I get really, I’m not selling you anything really. But it will help if you get one of those done, we actually just did one today. This is the one we’ve done for a company in Colorado and it’s a case of their web developer is interested in seeing how things can improve from an SEO point of view. I think what is happening is that he is doing the SEO but he is not necessarily an SEO guy per say, he’s not doing it every day like we are. He’s just saying “hey guys can you give me an idea.”

We get this all the time, we don’t mind if it’s clients or web developers, we don’t mind who it is. If you email through like this guy has then we will send you a report and if you are a client you can have a quick snapshot of how you can improve things. If you’re a potential partner then you can see what we’ve come up with and you can see if it’s on par with what you have done, and see what we can do together to improve client’s SEO.

Andrew: Did you mention it’s free?

Ian: I don’t think I did but yeah it’s free, so believe it or not, it is free. We plug it in and roll it out, then we get you on the phone, email or Skype and give you some points on what you need to do. Just a warning though, yes it is free, but this particular one that I’ve done, this website needs a lot of work. Now this is where it comes back to the heading of the video which is don’t be shocked when you get given a quote from an SEO company that actually knows what they’re doing. Don’t be shocked if they say it’s not going to be two-hundred and fifty dollars a month like they say in those exotic emails. Don’t be surprised if it’s going to cost you a third or a half of what you spent on your website to fix logging on page issues. Like we said, we can tangibly show through this system your return on investment, it doesn’t get much more transparent. This is there, the figures are there on Google analytics and we’ll send you monthly reports as well. It’s all there, there’s no smoke in mirrors, with SEO and the amount of transparency and the data that’s available it’s not 10.28 anymore is it?

Andrew: Well, it can be.

Ian: This is about you guys asking the right questions, researching and educating yourselves and getting advice from people who know what they’re talking about. Doing your research so that you’re clear on what it is that you are getting. Anything to add?

Andrew: The bottom line is that you may have spent many thousand dollars on your website. If it’s not being seen by anybody and if you have an e-commerce type website or if you sell stuff online, if it’s not seen what’s the point.You need to invest in your SEO with a company that know’s what it’s doing so that you can get in a lot of cases, a very, very big return on investment. With one company in one month we got them a thirty-six percent increase in online sales.

Ian: Yeah that’s true, we’re not making this stuff up. It’s true.

Andrew: We’re talking about a high end product we’re not talking about two dollar pieces of whatever.

Ian: That was a particular niche that was very competitive as well. Can you imagine if you are in a space that’s fairly new and there’s a lot more opportunity to dominate, you could get quicker results. Thanks for watching there will be more on this topic. There’s always more when it comes to SEO isn’t there? It’s unending, its constantly changing. It’s changing daily, it never ends. Apologies again for the guitaring, hope that wasn’t too distorted. It was an e major that sounded like an a minor that’s not a good sign. Thanks guys, we’ll practice a bit more and get back to you soon.

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