Search Engine Optimisation

“The only thing worse than no SEO is bad SEO.”

– Ian Hopkinson

Mad Scientist Digital’s core expertise is in SEO. It’s our true passion and skill, and our deep experience in SEO is what makes our clients stay ahead of the competition and get found by Google – and by new clients and customers.

The digital world is constantly changing. We so get that. That’s why we keep up with the sharpest, most up-to-date tools, platforms, and technical requirements to deliver the best search engine results. And because we are on a constant quest for knowledge, we also keep up with Google’s constantly evolving demands for quality content its customers like and use.

We understand both the technical and human aspects of SEO, and that’s how our clients consistently put the right content in front of Google, so that Google can deliver it straight to their target customers.

How Good Is Your SEO? Can You Tell?

All SEO is not the same – and the wrong SEO could cost you big time. Tricky short cuts that worked last year (or even last week) could now be harmful.

Website developers can think they understand SEO, but often, they don’t know what they don’t know. Because of the vast amounts of time and effort Google puts in to improving its search functionality, keeping up with their constant changes is its own expert job.

Our expert job.

We’re mad enough to enjoy the constant challenge of keeping up with Google and the other search engines – it’s the core of what we do.  We watch and listen to Google, test, test again, and measure.

This measurement is what puts us at the leading edge of our game. We’ve picked up Google algorithm changes way before they were announced, giving our clients early responder advantages and putting them at the leading edge of their game.

If you’re serious about winning and keeping a high ranking over the long term, then invest in quality, ongoing SEO. That’s Mad Scientist SEO.

SEO as a Service

Our core SEO offering is an ongoing package that ensures you’re automatically keeping up with the major search engines as their demands change.

We’ll report back to you every month to help you understand how your SEO is performing, and our Client Results Manager will work with you to deliver real value to your business.

Our in-depth, detailed, shareable reports are based on keyword placement and competition, Google Analytics data (impressions and conversions), and customer behaviour patterns. They are tailored to your business, your needs, and your KPIs.

Digital Health Check

Your digital marketing strategy begins here: with our famous Digital Health Check. Our Digital Health Check tells you where you are so that you can find out where you should be going, and get there.

We audit the quality and effectiveness of your websites and platforms, and deliver you with an in-depth report that incorporates a current read on Search Engine Optimisation, Design, Social Media, Key Messaging, Content and Video Marketing, and more.

Find out about more about our Digital Health Check