Search Engine Influence

What is Search Engine Influence?

SEI is the degree to which a brand, personality, or product is visible in Search Engines.

What does visibility in Search mean?

Google uses over 200 signals to deliver users a relevant search. Visibility is determined by 5 major pillars. Trust, Relevance, Consistency, Longevity, & Identity.

How is Search Engine Influence calculated?

The SEI score currently covers 5 major areas and 12 aspects of Online Visibility.

  • The Age of the Domain
  • Number of Keywords a website is found for
  • Number of Pages in Google’s index
  • Trust Flow (A Majestic SEO score that measures quality links pointing to web properties)
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Features
    • Featured snippet
    • Reviews
    • Knowledge Graph
    • Instant Answer
    • Local Pack
    • News
    • Carousel
    • Images

A set of proprietary calculations collates this data into a single score.

Who is behind the SEI Scoring System?

The Influence Score is a metric established by Mad Scientist Digital’s Ian Hopkinson. Mad Scientist’s core expertise is SEO. It’s our true passion and skill – and our deep expertise in this area that keeps our clients ahead in the game of “getting found online”. In a constantly changing digital world, we keep up with the tools, platforms and technical requirements that deliver the best search engine results. We also keep up with Google’s constantly evolving quest for quality content its customers like and use.

Is Social Media influence calculated?

Social Media influence is not directly factored in to SEI Score at the moment. Facebook and Instagram are largely closed communities to search engines. Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and many others are open to being indexed by Search Engines so these will be factored into future SEI algorithms. Follower numbers tend to be arbitrary numbers that don’t necessarily represent true reach or engagement.