Rallying Your Troops, A.K.A., The Power Of Positive Thinking

Keeping your team on point and happy is crucial to work getting done and productivity staying high. This happiness doesn’t always have to be paid out in dollars. Let’s take a quick look at how some of the biggest companies out there motivate and incentivize their employees.

the power of positive thinking

Google: Every wonder why Google employees love their jobs? Maybe, just maybe it’s because some of these perks.

Netflix: When you work here you never have to worry about asking for days off-there’s no vacation policy. As long as you get your work done there is no limit to the number of days you can take off. What about a dress code? There isn’t one.

Facebook: Free food. There is $3,000.00 for child care reimbursement. So, what about time off? 21 days paid time off, 11 paid holidays and unlimited sick days. There is also four months off-paid for-for maternity/paternity leave.

Now that we’ve seen what life is like at the top of the food chain…let’s come back to reality for you and your small business! Once again-showing your appreciation doesn’t always have to be about dollars.

Employees want to be appreciated and they want to know “what is going on”. Working from this statement let’s take a look at a few things you can to keep your workplace a great, positive place for your employees to come to everyday.

Show Your Appreciation
When you have an employee that is doing stellar work-don’t it go unnoticed. Either taking them out to lunch or a verbal, “thanks for the great job you’re doing” can make a huge difference in an employee’s day. This is an instance where a little bit can go a long way.

Communicate-Make sure you have consistent communication with your team. It’s vital to keep moral up and positive. Don’t sequester yourself away from everyone. Try to be as open and real as you possibly can with your communication in the office. Remember…your attitude and vibe can often set the tone for the entire office.

Don’t Lie-If your employees find out that you have lied to them…your toast. Any trust that existed will be obliterated. Trust is directly linked to positivity and productivity in the workplace. Also, try not to ever over extend yourself to your people. If you promise to do something, then do it! Lying to your people is a guaranteed path to destroying morale in the office.

Stay Out Of It-The dreaded “M” word is micromanaging. Everyone knows you care about your company, your clients and your employees. Show that passion. Be that person to rally the troops and lead them into battle. DON’T micromanage them. You hired them all for a reason. Let them do their job. Hands off!

A Clear Goal-It’s really simple. When your employees have a clear and concise goal in front of them…it will make their road to success that much easier. Being vague never works. Be crystal clear about what you expect out of them so that they can feel good about the hard working they are doing and so that they can feel confident in your leadership.

As always…onward and upward.

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