Questions to Ask Your SEO Company

Before you hire a so-called Expert SEO Company, you should  ask some fundamental questions.  In this brief episode, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson will recommend some basic questions you should be asking to see if the company is worth their weight in gold!


Ian: Good afternoon, I’m Ian Hopkinson.

Andrew: How are you going? I’m Andrew Radics

Ian: Andrew Radics. How are we all? That’s good. Anyway we’re going to answer a question from Ben in Melbourne and he asked us, if you are to do SEO for me will you submit my site to article directories, blog networks… and he also asked a great question that we get a lot which is will you do search engine submission. So there’s a couple of questions there, let’s break them down, lets start with the article directories. What is an article directory?

Andrew: Everyone has one in particular such as EzineArticles which is a website where you write an article, you upload it to their website via your account with a couple of links back to your website. So it’s just a way of getting links back to your website. EzineArticles is a very high PR site, it used to be very powerful now it’s not as powerful because of all the updates recently in the last couple of years.

Ian: Yeah and I’m sure people were taking advantage of those too much.

Andrew: Well yeah, by putting up too many spammy articles and just doing it for the link instead of the quality of your writing.

Ian: Yeah. Blog networks?

Andrew: Also there are hundreds of these type of article marketing sites. Blog networks are just a network of blogs which are all connected in some shape or form and its where you put your article once again with a back link in hope of link juice out of it.

Ian: It’s a bit of a shortcut by the sounds of it.

Andrew: They used to work well a couple of years ago before all of the Panda and Penguin updates, Google has kind of devalued these sort of networks and this sort of tactic really doesn’t work any more. So to answer that question, no we don’t use them at all.

Ian: No. Maybe we should’ve just said no. No we shouldn’t have because Ben is obviously wanting to know information on what these things are and whether we use them and why we don’t.

Andrew: And as far as submitting your site, we keep hearing these things like we submit your site to 100 different search engines.

Ian: It used to say thousands didn’t it, they’ve toned it down a little bit now haven’t they.

Andrew: They have, they have because people have become a little bit wiser. I ask people this; can you name me 10 search engines? And generally people only get up to about 4 or 5 and that’s it.

Ian: Google, Bing, Yahoo,… and I’m not even at five.

Andrew: Yeah there you go.

Ian: I’m not even at five.

Andrew: There you go. So even if there were 100 search engines generally that’s a wasted effort because once you put your content up…

Ian: NetScape! Is that still around? Do you remember.

Andrew: I do remember actually.

Ian: Actually NetScape was a browser wasn’t it. It was one of the original browsers.

Andrew: It’s a browser yes.

Ian: Yeah that wasn’t a search engine.

Andrew: Back in the old days, in the good old days. Either way submitting your site to the search engines is generally a waste of time because once you put the content up search engines will come anyway because they crawl the web all the time.

Ian: Well they do and a lot of the platforms, well one that comes to mind is WordPress. WordPress has the functionality in it that you put up new content and it pings Google and lets it know it’s there.

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: Yeah so there’s stuff built in to our SNS’s now so it’s kind of a stupid thing for anybody to really be saying.

Andrew: Pretty much.

Ian: But here’s the confusing thing, you go into some of the major hosting companies around the world and one of the first things they do when you sign up for a domain name is they try to sell you the hosting for the website and then when you buy the hosting and you’re in the process of that, they want to upsell you search engine submission. So what chance do people have of actually knowing that this is a useless activity if most of the hosting companies are making money upselling this concept to people. And they say hundreds of search engines, they still say that I looked at it the other day and I thought how are they still getting away with actually upselling people on this because I suppose there’s enough ignorance out there that people just click the button and say oh yeah for another $50 why not.

Andrew: Well you know.

Ian: Well obviously they’re doing something for that because they apparently report back how many times they’ve submitted your site but it’s a pointless exercise that’s what we’re saying really isn’t it.

Andrew: Pretty much. If you’re at that point where you’ve built your new website and you just want to make Google, Bing, Yahoo and anyone else come to your site as quickly as possible you can actually manually submit it.

Ian: Yeah

Andrew: Through Google, through Yahoo, through Bing whatever it might be but even then there’s no guarantee that they’re going to come straight away.

Ian: Well that’s it and if you’re putting up, and this is a thing that we’re always sort of getting across to clients, if you’re building trust with Google meaning you are following their rules, optimising your site accordingly and you’re putting up regular content then Google will come and happily crawl your site and rank you highly and rank you often because the quality of the content and the consistency in which you’re putting it up. So thank you for your question Ben, unfortunately our answer is in the negative.

Andrew: It’s a good thing.

Ian: But none the less it’s a good question because once again there’s that missed information out there that these things are still relevant and they’re just not so. So thank you very much for that, we are going to sign off and we will see you next time. Please once again, send any questions that you have to [email protected] or you can visit our website. Don’t worry how silly the question is, we get some doozies so you can try us, if we think it’s the silliest question we’ve ever heard we’ll tell you but we highly doubt that that’s going to be the case. So we’re signing off here.

Andrew: No worries, see you next time.

Ian: Cheers guys! Bye!


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