News from the Lab

  • Just to set the scene a little. We have all got spam emails from random SEO companies in our time. Have you? In fact, with all of our clients starting an SEO campaign with us, part of our process is to warn them that getting these emails is a sign of greater visibility and that the work that we are doing is already working. Once you get to Page 3 or Page 2 for your
  • Why do people think it’s cool to bash Google, there are so many positive things they have done for the world, just to mix it up a bit we thought we’d do some horn tooting on Google’s behalf. Episodes in this playlist: Google Adsense: Does it make sense or just cents? Is there a method to the madness Microsoft? Are people suffering from tall poppy syndrome? Google has become so big that people see it
  • The Pareto Principle has had an honored place in management theory since the 1960’s In the early 20th Century, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto noticed something peculiar about the world that he lived in . 80% of the land in his country was owned by only 20% of its inhabitants. Similarly, only 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained some 80% of the peas. In 1941, Joseph Juran read Pareto’s work and expanded on
  • Once upon a time marketing was an arcane talent – a mystical understanding of human behavior that enabled certain magicians to understand their customers and make sales.  These days, an increasing number of straightforward tools are available to help business people develop the craft of marketing as a skilled practice.    One of these tools is the Myers Briggs temperament model.   In digital marketing, we don’t get the opportunity to meet our customers face
  • 1. It’s never “finished” The Internet isn’t “finished” – so SEO can’t be finished. With more and more material on the Internet, changing social media platforms and usage, changing market trends and topics, there’s lots of “dust” settling. 2. A little bit regularly makes a big difference Like laundry and dishes, doing a bit every day or week means the job doesn’t get too big.  Checking your keyword effectiveness, adding new content and sharing great
  • It demonstrates that you’re sincere.  That you mean what you say. It demonstrates that you’re competent. That you have relevant knowledge, skills and capability to deliver. It demonstrates that you’re reliable. If you’re keeping up regular, consistent activity, you’ll show up as current and reliable. It demonstrates that you’re involved. That you see the client’s needs and concerns, not just your service features.  
  • Quality content is a strong long term strategy for Search Engine Optimisation.   But these days it’s only part of the picture. There are places where paid Internet advertising is a strong option, whether its AdWords or Facebook Ads.  These include: Special promotions Product launches ??? To make sure you’re getting value for money, make sure that you’ve done  your homework, so that your paid ads are: Strategic Well-targetted Tested and measured A scatter gun approach
  • There are 3 main types of content:  core marketing copy; ongoing original content; and other external content you share.    Content is read by humans and also by search engines.  Humans need it to look good, be interesting and solve their problems.  Search engines want content to be consistent, trustworthy and  interesting to humans. Three levels of content 1. Your core marketing copy Your website is the core of your digital marketing — your overall aim