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  • Yesterday was certainly no ordinary day. I had the good fortune to be able to visit Facebook Headquarters after some meetings in Palo Alto, California. (Silicon Valley). After taking a few photos in the front foyer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg walked right by us with 2 of his colleagues probably discussing some problem they were trying to solve… O.K.  I have had my fair share of celebrity sightings over the years, but to see the
  • …don’t say anything.” Even before computers, the internet, or social media existed, mums across the world were lending this phrase to their children. My mother definitely said it on many occasions and if she understood the ins and outs of social media, I reckon she’d say it applied here too, particular in promoting your business online. It’s so tempting to just talk about nothing in particular and neglect to engage people in some riveting topic
  • Video is the most powerful media on the web. In this day and age, making your own videos and uploading them to the web is a sinch…and it’s cost effective. If it suits your business strategy to have video content however, you’ve got to have a great idea and a serious plan behind how you want to showcase your company. If running around the office filming on your iphone is all you need cause perhaps
  • Thanks to my friends at the Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association for sending me this one from last Saturday’s Age.   Michael Leunig is an Australian cartoonist and philosopher known for drawing satirical cartoons on world issues and matters of human nature. His work in such cartoons as spanned from the 1970s til today, and he was declared an Australian Living Treasure in 1999. Notably, in recent years, his cartoons have taken a political stand, satirising
  • There seem to be some misconceptions about how Social Media can help promote brands and a person’s business in general. Having had some experience in the States where Social Media trends lead the rest of the globe, I can see how in the future, Australian companies are really going to benefit from using theses free online tools to market their business. (I’d particularly enjoy seeing the Australian Wine Industry fully embrace Social Media, cause it

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