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  • google's core web vitals for page experience update
    Core algorithm changes from Google, Facebook and other key marketing platforms can be bad for your rankings, visibility and traffic if you’re not prepared for them. And after the year we’ve had, it could well be that you’re less than prepared.    But Google doesn’t stop changing – and their page experience update is rolling out in May 2021.   Unfortunately, this algorithm change could dump your SEO rankings in the soup – because it includes some
  • search engine results page serp spelled out in letters
    What’s a featured snippet anyway? Featured Snippets are short pieces of text that Google pulls from a relevant website to provide a quick answer or summary for searchers. A featured snippet is the best possible Google ranking – because it comes BEFORE organic search results. It’s often called “position zero” – it appears first, and Google chooses what to put there. You can’t buy a featured snippet. What Google tells us Google: “When we recognize
  • The core game of SEO is Influencing
    SEO is more than Optimising When we optimise one of your web pages for Search, what we are doing is making what your page is about super-clear to the search engine crawlers. The clearer, more consistent and more engaging your content is, the better it will rank. So what we’re really doing is influencing – influencing search engines to prioritise your content.  You can buy influence You can buy influence through pay-per-click advertising. What and
  • site optimisation
    SEO is about optimising your website and improving its organic rankings, done by the programs and bots that crawl your website and analyse its individual pages. The most effective and strategic way to do this over the long term is with supportive, substantial content and copy. The core goal of your content is to have more visitors engaged on your website pages for longer. When you create consistent, original, useful content you are investing in
  • ms institute
    SEO gets better when we do it together.   The best results happen when our clients and partners understand the hands on process of SEO, especially the On-page side. So to make our collaboration with your business a whole lot easier, we’ve been building the Mad Scientist Institute. That way we can teach you the science of On-page SEO and empower you with the knowledge to take care of things on your website. Discover what
  • sangria and some drag queens
    As a Melbourne-based business, Mad Scientist Digital is in Stage 4 Lockdown. So we’ve all been working from home and meeting online. So at the start of September – when the Victorian Premier announced we were in for another 4 weeks of iso (aarrghh!!)– we decided that we needed to organise our team a bit of virtual R&R to lighten our hearts and bring us together as a team. We needed to do some active
  • changing social media
    SEO gets people to your website – trust keeps them there A key element of trust is authority – it’s one of the 7 fundamental principles of influencing that will keep your visitors on your website. Not only will demonstrating your authority keep your initial visitors, it will BRING THEM BACK because they trust you. We were reminded of that recently, when POD Services – one of our long-term SEO clients – told us the
  • Let me introduce you to Maangchi. Maangchi is a little Korean woman with a warm, husky voice. She’s a YouTube star and maven of Korean cuisine. I myself fell in love with her penchant for hot pink lipstick and fascinators, her way of wielding a killer cleaver, and of course, her recipes. In fact, so enamoured of her recipes was I, that it took me a while to see what was behind them. You see,