My IT Department Can Do SEO-SEO Myths Debunked

It’s a rare circumstance we talk to an IT Department that can hold down a 2 minute conversation about the fundamentals of SEO. An IT department shouldn’t even be left with this responsibility. This is for a Digital Marketing Dept at the very least, but more effectively, a dedicated SEO expert that works in-house or is contracted to work in with the marketing dept. IT should worry about machines and backups and connectivity and security – not SEO. You wont catch us pretending we can set up a network of computers, dang I don’t even have all the words to describe what I would be doing if that was my role! ‘Cloud Technology’ – there you go – do I pass the test? Clearly not:)

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson debunk another wild and erroneous SEO myth.



Ian: SEO myths debunked – my IT department can do SEO.

Andrew: I wish someone would debunk this cold, it is freezing in here today!

Ian: I know, I feel like I’m wearing an entire sheep on myself today.

Andrew: So am I.

Ian: Really fashionable, but nice an warm. So, can your SEO department do IT, and can your IT department do SEO?

Andrew: Of course, I trained them all.

Ian: Not very effectively!

Andrew: Look, there are some IT guys who know what they’re talking about when it comes to SEO and they know how to do it, which is fine but as we’ve discussed before t is very rare that we actually find an IT guy that really knows SEO. That’s not because they’re ignorant or anything like that, but it’s a totally separate field to building a website as such.

Ian: Well if we’re set in the past, it’s such a maturing industry now that everybody is a specialist in each field, it’s kind of like the medical field now.

Andrew: Simple! I mean obviously you to need some IT guys of you’re gonna do SEO. You do need som IT guys unless you know about things like coding. Sometimes you do need to muck around with the website to make it SEO friendly. To make it faster. To make it crawlable for the search engines. And of that sort of stuff. Unless you know about robots.txt, how to build a site map. All these sort of things are SEO things but IT guys can generally help you out with that unless you know about it yourself.

Ian: I mean it depends on the size of the company. There are crossovers between a bit of web development a bit of IT. Sometimes some SEO and other coding stuff gets thrown into the mix. But they are quite distinctly different.

Andrew: Sometimes there is an issue with the template with the issue of the website that SEO guys generally can’t work out. Give it to your IT guy.

Ian: Depending on the size of the company sometimes you IT guys are setting up security or networks. They are very dedicated to machines  and the structure of the setup of the office. It’s more of a marketing budget issue. Who is looking after the SEO.

Andrew: IT is technical. SEO is technical but it does not mean to say that the IT guy knows SEO or that an SEO guy knows how to do IT stuff. Being on the same side because as you said it is a progressive industry that is always changing. IT guys need to keep up with the latest IT stuff. SEO guys should keep up with the latest SEO stuff.

Ian: Your IT guy should be reading up about cloud technology. And worrying that everything it backed up. And that everybody is networked and that the emails are working. Security and Hosting, all of that sort of stuff.

Andrew: So there is more to SEO than just meta tags in the descriptions, “keywords, whatever it is and it is done! That is SEO!”

Ian: Also, you and I have noticed this recently that the amount of companies that are looking for an inhouse SEO person. And they are advertising online for and SEO person to come in for 80-90k. So they don’t actually find anyone. So many people that are absolute experts in SEO. That is a dedicated area. There’s a lot of work for an SEO company or work for themselves. It’d pretty rare that you can get a dedicated SEO person inhouse.

Andrew: I you’ve got such a skill in SEO you are earning 80-90 000 AUD obviously. Whereas you setup your own business you could be earning ten times as much. So why would you?

Ian: Yes, it worries me a little bit. Because the companies that are putting their ad online or in the paper do they really know what SEO is and what kind of expertise they need, in order to do it properly?

Andrew: When you read the description of the job, a lot of the stuff they are talking about,  it is really old tactics. Like article marketing and landing pages. All of these sort of terms that we just don’t talk about anymore.

Ian: There is a bit of conversation about landing pages and conversion and things like that, there always is. Some of these ads don’t even say SEO they say digital marketing but they are packed with SEO things they want them to do. I don’t know if they are doing it because they have been burnt by an agency.

Andrew: Probably.

Ian: But to me it is kind of a misnomer out there in these bigger companies that you can just sort of get a full time SEO person who really knows what he is talking about. I think you will be better off going to a dedicated SEO company. And you’ll probably come out cheaper than having someone in-house. That’s my spiel on that!

Andrew: Thanks very much!

Ian: If you have other myths that  you would like us to debunk, please keep those emails rolling. We’ll keep rolling them up. We actually like debunking the myths.

Andrew: We do.

Ian: We could be doing this for years. There are a lot of them out there. So if you’ve got the patience…

You can email us on [email protected] or you can visit our website we will do you a digital health check that should give you an idea where your website is at.

If you are a larger company trying to find a dedicated SEO person: Give us a call! We’ll probably do it for half the price and you’ll get twice the results. I’m opening a big trap there in promising a lot without knowing a lot about the companies. But I just find it a bit strange. Excuse me if a carry on a bit about it.

Cheers! Stay warm!

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