Meet Mr And Mrs Lohas – They Could Be Your Best Customer

“Times have changed. People are looking for products that offer them a sense of something beyond the ordinary, grounded in authenticity and quality.” -John Marshall Roberts, expert in world view thinking.

There’s a growing group of customers out there who care about more than products. The name that’s been given to them is LOHAS – customers who are choosing Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability. The Lohas family buys on value – and the values they buy on are their beliefs in the importance of personal, family and community health, environmental sustainability and social justice.

Mr and Mrs Lohas used to be considered on the fringe of the economy, however these days their influence has grown dramatically, now representing more than $300 billion in buying power in the US. As a New York Times article says “They Care About the World (and They Shop, Too)“.  In Australia, the value of the healthier, more sustainable products and services they choose is over at $21 billion.

Your product is more than product – it’s value… Marketers have been emphasizing for years that consumers don’t really buy products, they really buy what those products do for them.  Back in 1986, best selling author Michael Gerber told us in the original eMyth that your commodity might be perfume, but your ‘product’ is romance.

A decade into the 21st century, your product is now about even more than the commodity you sell or what your customer wants from it – now it’s also about the values that it stands for and the ethics of its creation and delivery.  You and your values are part of the whole package.  To engage Mr and Mrs Lohas, you need to offer more than dollar value.  You need to know who you are, what your values are and you need to make sure that your digital marketing strategy tells a truly sustainable story.

If you’ve been putting off developing an explicit statement of your business brand and identity because you don’t think it matters – think again.   If you can’t put into words and images what your business is about and what your purpose and values are, then how likely is it that it’s showing up coherently in your online presence?  Will the Lohas family pass you by because you don’t look like you care?

Branding and identify matter – they’re the coherent, documented core of building your business and getting the right people on the bus and through your door.  If you don’t have a well documented statement of your purpose vision and values, and your digital marketing assets don’t communicate it, then contact us now to book a review.

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