Marketing Online? Welcome To Showbiz!

“The big mistake is always to think that human decision making is rational … People are not behaviorally driven by demographics. They are driven by resonant values, metaphors and the emotions these bring.”  -John Marshall Roberts, expert in world view thinking.

When you’re building an online presence (particularly in the consumer market place) you’re doing more than selling a product or service, you’re creating an identity and personality in cyber-space.  It needs to be an intentional orchestration that focuses on the needs, values and desires of your business and the market you serve.

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You’re not meeting your client face-to-face, and so their unconscious measuring, matching and evaluation process of you and your company needs to be fully understood and your whole ‘look and feel’ needs to be consistent.  From the images you utilise and the quality of their production through to the jargon of your content and how easy and straight forward your site is to use – you’re under the microscope.  With the growing rate of audio and video channels of social media marketing, you’re not just in business any more – you’re also in show business now.  Welcome and good luck!

In a few short years we’ve moved from simple ‘online sign-boards’ to full-fledged multi-media productions.  In order to reach high end customers and clients, you need to show up in style and on trend.   To help you, the key players in Mad Scientist’s creative and marketing team come from the entertainment industry, so we’re ideally suited to helping you demonstrate your star quality online.

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