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digital marketing experts, seo expertsHosted by Ian Hopkinson & Andrew Radics, Mad Scientist Radio is a digital focussed program for businesses hoping to quickly navigate the slippery slope of online promotion. The program’s first season is heavily focussed on Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management, there are also some special guests and other interest topics covered.

Ian and Andrew will also answer your questions on the air and dedicate future episodes to topics that businesses require more help with. The main idea of the show is to give businesses guidance so please do get in touch if you are confronting specific challenges that you’d like us to discuss in more detail.

Episode 1: What is SEO?

Discover more about the processes behind achieving higher rankings in Google,  Is your website search engine friendly? Can your website be ‘indexed’? Are you getting relevant traffic to your site? What SEO is NOT.

Episode 2: Why you need SEO

Find out the number 1 reason you should have an SEO strategy, common acronyms and terms are also explained

Episode 3: Search Engine Marketing and common SEO Terms

Search Engine Marketing Terms or SEO terms are a mystery to most people. This video will demystify some of the common SEO terms so you can understand all this in plain English!

Episode 4: Why Cheap SEO Companies are BAD

Cheap SEO Companies use rubbish tactics that are out of date. Content mills, article directories, bad backlinks – Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson will discuss the pitfalls of taking the cheap and nasty way to rank your website

Episode 5: The Blue Economy – with Dr Martin Blake and Leigh Baker

We take a break from talking about SEO and discuss the future of sustainability and how we can all be consciously engaged and involved in whole systems thinking.

Episode 6: Do it Yourself SEO Pros & Cons

This discussion will help small businesses with a small or virtually no marketing budget, those with 1 or 2 page websites, and people wanting 100% control.

Episode 7: Using a Reputable SEO Company (Coming Soon)

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