Mad Scientist Radio Episode 2 – Why You Need SEO

Transcript of Episode 2

IAN: I am Ian Hopkinson

ANDREW: And I’m Andrew Radics

IAN: And today we are going to talk about why you need SEO, if you’re a business and your interested in finding out more or you’re an SEO expert then you’ll probably want to listen to this programme. So why Search Engine Optimization Andrew?

ANDREW: The biggest reason a website should have SEO done on it is to be seen by the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, whichever one it doesn’t really matter

IAN: And what are the basics for people when it comes to be seen by the search engines and how do we do that?

ANDREW: Okay well as we have said in the past, the days of building your website and hoping people will come are long gone. There are processes that need to be done. In SEO world we call them ‘On Page Optimization’ and ‘Off Page Optimization’.

IAN: Okay so there’s a set of guidelines that Google holds your website to otherwise known as signals, is that right?

ANDREW: Correct yea, there are apparently something like 200 signals that Google uses to categorize and rank your website and what a signal simply means is a set of criteria and one of those is something they call meta tags. Within the SEO world there’s a lot of debate if you like about the importance of meta tags but for the importance of anything to do with SEO the best way to work it out is to find out what Google says about it. Now Google says in their guidelines that meta tags are important in the sense that it helps Google categorize and index your website. It tells Google what your website is about. It doesn’t necessarily help you rank better but if Google knows what your website is about that helps you to rank.

IAN: Okay so effectively Google can find out what your site is about anyway can’t it, which is a big debate, do you tell Google what your website is about or do you just let them crawl the site and decide for themselves, where’s the importance of spoon feeding to Google

ANDREW: The thing is yes, Google can work out what your site is all about from the text and what not however the fact no matter what program you use to build your website whether its Joomla, WordPress or any other format out there, they all have space to fill in your meta tags so for your title tags, description tags, keywords tags, alt tags for your images are also important. The easier you make it for Google or any other search engine for that matter to crawl your site to work out what its about the better it is, they want you to make it really simple so your site should also include what they call site maps. A sitemap is basically a map that shows the search engines how your site is linked together, what page links to what and what relevance it is and all that other stuff. So the basic point is the simpler you make it for a search engine to be able to index your site properly the better off you are

IAN: That sounds like some of these areas are quite technical, almost an episode to themselves. If I’m a small business what are you going to say to me the very basic things that I need to do, peoples marketing budgets are quite vastly different. Why should somebody break off a piece of that for SEO?

ANDREW: Like what we keep saying, the importance of SEO is so that the website is seen by the search engines and in turn seen by your potential clients and/or customers. If a site hasn’t been doing SEO on their website chances are they are not going to be ranked very high. Now the importance of ranking  high as you possibly can is according to the latest studies, if you are number 1 in the rankings for a particular keyword you’re going to expect up to 32% of the clicks. If you are number 2 you can expect 11% of the clicks

IAN: Okay, thats a huge jump

ANDREW: And number 3 about 11% all the way down to number 10 who gets 2% of the clicks. Now they also say 96% of people do not go past the first page. 3% of the people  do not go past the 2nd page and then it gets worse from then on so the message is if you’re not at least on the 1st page you won’t get any relevant traffic at all. So that’s why some of your marketing budgets should be spent on some form or another whether you hire an SEO company, whether you do it yourself, whatever the case is you should spend some time doing SEO on your website. Its as simple as that.

IAN: Okay, that’s pretty key. Those statistics are very telling, the difference between 32% and 11%. If you start breaking that down as a business brand you can suppose look at your average span and there’s the click through rates, amount of visits. You can start doing some calculations and you can work out doing say 1% of people clicked through then you can then look at 30K a week or you can start converting that into dollars if your website is in the gain when it comes to SEO.

ANDREW: Yes well that’s what its about if you have a website for your business, you need to make it work for you. You need to make it work just like say your salespeople will be working. Its all about getting a return out of your invest. If you invest some money in proper SEO on your website you should get some sort of a return but the point is that if your not actually seen by your clients or your potential customers then you should not have spent all that money on the website in the first place. Its a useless exercise

IAN: And that’s something we’ll cover later, in later episodes. How to help people choose a good SEO company and we’ll lay out some of the criteria and help people make the right choice. Any final comments on SEO, why people get in the game?

ANDREW: Quite simply SEO  helps your website to be seen not only by the search engines so they can rank you somewhere on the 1st page but more importantly you are seen by your potential clients/customers so you can make your website work for you which is why most people put one up

IAN: Very sound, there really isn’t any point in having a website without making good use of it and Google particularly seems to run the world at the moment so its worth investigating and taking it further if your budget allows and your mind set allows. So thanks very much

ANDREW: No worries

IAN: And we’ll be talking more about SEO in our next episodes


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