Mad Scientist Radio – Episode 1 – What is SEO

Transcript of Episode 1

IAN: I am Ian Hopkinson

ANDREW: And I’m Andrew Radics

IAN: And today we’ll be talking about SEO which some of you hopefully will know stands for search engine optimization, its quite a mystical area and misunderstood area so if you’re a business that is interested in finding out more or if you’re an SEO expert then you probably wanna listen to this program

ANDREW: One of the biggest questions we get asked all the time is basically what is SEO, what does it do, why should I have it on my website. A simple answer to that question is its a process whereby you can achieve higher rankings in Google, it is really as simple as that, its making sure that your website is properly accessible by the search engines

IAN: Okay, I’m a small business and where do I start?

ANDREW: We need to start basically with the back end of your website meaning that the search engines are properly able to index your website which is very important for a website to be actually indexed by all the search engines that are out there. Just on that we have another question we get asked very often is, what is indexed mean? I think the easiest way to explain that is anyone who remembers going to a library when you ask the librarian there about a certain book she would always tell you “go to the index cards”, so you’d flick through the index cards and you find out the title of the book, on the card it will tell you where it is in the library, under what category, what book number so you have to physically go there and look and find the book. Thats pretty much what an index is, a way that the search engines categorize your website so that it is accessible by the end user , eventually  if you type in the keyword

IAN: Of course the great thing is now is that we can search by interest which is probably not something you can do in the library unlike the early days

ANDREW: And obviously when you do a search on Google for example its way better than going to a index card. SEO  is also about delivering traffic to your website, is all very well for a website to say “oh geez, i get thirty thousand visitors a month”, but if they’re not looking for your product or service then its just useless traffic so what SEO should do for you is to send you targeted traffic, I like to call it ‘laser targeted traffic’ which means that it is very accurate and very relevant for people to be searching for you

IAN: That is a really key point covering more detail in later episodes, thats essentially what SEO is, but what isn’t SEO because thats definitely a big thing

ANDREW: Thats definitely a relevant question because we know what it is now but what it is not is a quick fix. Many people seem to think that once they do a bit of SEO or their version of SEO on their website that they believe thats all they have to do. The days of putting up a website and people coming to it are long gone. You think about it, you put a search query into Google for example, you can get literally tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of results for that particular keyword come up

IAN: The competition is incredible isn’t it

ANDREW: Its incredible, where back in the old days when the internet was still new there wasn’t that much competition so you’d put your website up and people came because there wasn’t that much competition around at all. Another thing SEO is not, its not dead. If you put in SEO is dead into Google for example you will find millions of blogs saying SEO is dead, now it might be dead to the author probably because they did something wrong in Googles eyes as far as going past webmaster guidelines

IAN: Otherwise knows as ‘Black Hat’

ANDREW: Black Cat perhaps yes, and they will drop from the index, they were either blacklisted or their rankings just plummeted because of some change that Google did in the way they rank sites so the only people who say SEO is dead are the ones who have been affected by the google changes of recent times. No reputable seo company will ever tell you that SEO is dead because its not, it has just changed

IAN: Fair enough, I think theres a lot of acronyms thrown around as well so lets go and separate those acronyms out from SEO because obviously SEM is one that’s thrown around a lot. Search Engine Marketing, is that SEO?

ANDREW: No, Search Engine Marketing differs from Search Engine Optimization however the two don’t need to be competing, Search Engine Marketing is more about advertising your website on various other websites such as you can do Google AdWords, you can do Facebook ads, now you can do Linkedin ads and you can advertise on so many different platforms so Search Engine Marketing is basically advertising, you pay for the ad. Search Engine Optimization is achieving better rankings for your website, what they call organically so you’re not actually paying for that result

IAN: So SEM (Search Engine Marketing) effectively can work beside SEO which is a good SEO strategy

ANDREW: Absolutely

IAN: Thats an important distinction for people to realize because it does get pretty confusing out there. Other different acronyms we should cover at this stage?

ANDREW: Yes there are so many other acronyms that are out there for SEO such as SEO itself, SEM, SERP, PPC, CPC, that should be a subject for another time

IAN: Yes, we definitely have to cover that in an entire episode. So that’s all from us and thanks again Andrew

ANDREW: Thank you

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