Leveraging Your Assets

My father was a man that I truly adored. He had a long and illustrious career in the military which lasted over 30 years. Once he had made a decision to leave the Army the rest of the family was pretty sure he would never be able to survive off a military base as a civilian. The first few years he went through an array of different employment choices. It wasn’t until he took a position at a major newspaper in Florida that he began to realize that he had found his second calling. His first assignment at the newspaper was literally in the print department…not glamorous work at all. He did it because he enjoyed the challenge and more importantly he had a family to support. After a short time at the newspaper someone in upper management scoured through my father’s records-a glorious history of success and achievements. It was then quickly decided that it was time to put my father’s talents-his assets to work. Within a few short years my father became an editor at the newspaper. This was a position he held until the time of his passing more than 20 years later.

My point is this. You and your employees are the most valuable asset to the success of your company. When you begin to optimize the talents of each individual that works as part of your team you will then be able to put your business on your path to success.
Optimizing these assets can often times be the great differentiator between your company and the competition.

You might be asking yourself-what exactly are some of these assets? Some of them will be tangible-degrees, awards, certifications, etc., while many others might not be quite so obvious.

Here is a quick list of assets to consider-for yourself and your employees:

• Intuition – This can be an invaluable asset. Perhaps there is a team member that goes on “feel and instinct” rather than always relying on critical analysis of data. Coupled with team members that do work strictly from data analysis can sometimes be an interesting match.
• Life Experiences – Team members that possess diverse and rich experiences in their life can often times bring new, unique and fresh perspectives and ideas to their work.
• Connections/Relationships – Nothing better than to find out you have a tenacious networker on the team. Those relationships and connections can be a potential gold mine of new clients.
• Creativity – Creativity can show itself in many ways other than just concepts, campaigns and designs. It can also be applied to the way that you and your team communicate and problem solve. Instead of thinking outside the box…perhaps you might be able to completely do away with the box.

Hopefully some of these ideas and suggestions will allow you to see yourself and your team in a different light. It can be a rejuvenating process to approach things from a different angle by utilizing all the assets of everybody involved with your business!

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