Leigh Baker

Getting More Done with Less Effort and Angst

As we’re extremely proud to be Mad Scientists, we obviously wouldn’t want to claim that Leigh keeps us sane – but she certainly keeps us grounded.Leigh Baker - Strategic Communications Coach

Leigh established the business sustainability practice Balance3 after 20 years working on business innovation projects in Australian industry.Leigh Baker - Strategic Communications CoachLeigh Baker - Strategic Communications Coach

From decades of research and business supply chain experience, Leigh has brought together a range of practical tools for leading, managing and communicating. This great toolkit and the light, pragmatic, blame-free way she integrates it have been invaluable in developing:

  • our strategic messaging
  • our management capabilities
  • our communication skills.

Her wisdom and deep insight help us “keep our heads when all around are losing theirs”, building sustainable relationships and collaborations with clients, business partners and staff.   She brings a wealth of knowledge in the domains of innovation, human behaviour and communication that informs our digital marketing as well as our business communication.

Entrepreneuring the Regenerative Economy with Balance3

Leigh is a cultural creative and an entrepreneur in her own right, developing a radically straightforward approach to finding the unseen business growth opportunities of environmental sustainability concerns.  She teaches her clients how to find leading edge regenerative business strategies, then helps them develop the critical innovation delivery skills that turn ideas into profitable results.

Balance3 Regenerative Business and Innovation Delivery


Find out more about Balance3  at www.balance3.com.au

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