Keith Chagnon

Keith is a senior level marketing executive, with a background in the music industry is running our American operations from Los Angeles.

He started out in music marketing, learning how to create marketing campaigns to reach retail purchasers – campaigns that created the conditions necessary for successful sales.  By building consumer awareness and recognition of a brand or promotion, the job of selling is simplified and streamlined.

With the explosion of the Internet into music marketing, Keith learned early the importance of digital marketing in the overall mix of branding and promotion.  His experience spans social media, website development, online retail sales delivery, sales performance measurement and online publishing.

Keith has worked with big players like Virgin, small startups and individual performers.  He has co-ordinated large multi-channel projects and helped individual artists get their work recognized. Big or small, Keith strongly believes that a business must be in control of its own destiny – identifying their strengths, values, talents and capabilities and developing strategies and plans to tell their story well.

Brand development is a necessary first step, but more is required than clarity. The complex mix of creatives, technicians, publicists and large service suppliers required for successful online marketing campaigns demands more than good intent and hard work – it requires planning and execution. Keith has decades of experience doing just this, working with publicists, recording companies, merchandisers and global retail chains to deliver solid promotion campaigns.

“If you don’t have a plan, none of it will work” -KC

 In the densely populated world of online sales and marketing, standing out from the crowd is critically important – you’re not just a business, you’re a presence and a performer.  Keith’s experience will help you create a strong, consistent brand and identity, making selling your products and services easy.