Just What IS Content?

There are 3 main types of content:  core marketing copy; ongoing original content; and other external content you share.    Content is read by humans and also by search engines.  Humans need it to look good, be interesting and solve their problems.  Search engines want content to be consistent, trustworthy and  interesting to humans.

Three levels of content

Types of content

1. Your core marketing copy

Your website is the core of your digital marketing — your overall aim is to bring people who want your solutions to your website.  Once they’re there, your core copy is aimed — like all copy, in explaining your value proposition and building trust.

Even if your main source of business is offline referrals, your offer will often be checked out online — so it needs to be compelling.

2. Your ongoing original content

Once upon a time, a static website was enough.   These days, if you’re looking to get online traffic then you’ll do better if you regularly update your content.  Content here like slide shows and blogs will show that you’re up to date and have real value to offer.  In particular, search engines like ongoing activity.

The more original and engaging your copy, the more people will stay to read it and the more search engines will like your website.

3. Selected external content

You can generate interest and trust by sharing other people’s material online.  Your business character will be judged by what you share. If you make it interesting and relevant to your ideal customers then you’re putting your brand in front of them.


What types of content are there?

Content comes in many forms, and can include:

Different people process different modes of information, so a good combination of written material, audio and visual material will meet the needs of your human audience.   Make sure you know your own preferences, so you can avoid overdoing any one channel.

Keep in mind at all times that search engines are word based, so complement images and videos with quality text with strong keywords for better rankings.


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