Jennifer Lawrences Naked Photos Prompt Streisand Effect

A hacker recently leaked naked photos of some high profile celebrities, some of which being Rhianna, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. In particular, the Jennifer Lawrence scandal has sparked huge debate and media attention, which, has created another unwanted Streisand Effect.

In this video Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how this Jennifer Lawrence scandal has created yet another Streisand Effect.



Andrew: Okay…

Ian: This I’ve got to know about, who is Jennifer Lawrence?

Andrew:  Before we get into that aren’t you going to ask what the significance of this thing here is?

Ian:  Not now because you’ve asked but yeah this looks very familiar, this is from… It’s very shapely, it’s a yard glass obviously.

Andrew: Yeah, but because we are talking about nudes.

Ian: We are talking about nudes and it has a nice shape.

Andrew: You’ve got the waist here and this is the booty part of it you see.

Ian: And look at this and see how it is moving down towards, you won’t be able to see this properly.  Oh yes you can, it is moving downwards towards the booty.

Andrew: Now their blue because of these nude photos.

Ian: I like this, I like where you are going.  So what’s happened? How is Barbara, nudity and Jennifer Lawrence and the Streisand effect, how do they all…

Andrew: Fit together?

Ian: We’ve got to be very careful on this hangout don’t we?

Andrew: We do, we do that’s why I am being very deliberate in what I say.  Seriously Jennifer Lawrence and quite a few other celebrities if you like have had their photos taken and uploaded to their iCloud accounts and some hacker went in there and posted them publicly. And in my mind if you’re a celebrity or you’re not a celebrity, take nude photos it’s wonderful.  But don’t upload them to your iCloud or post them on your Instagram or twitter or Facebook

Ian: Or drop box, or Picasso

Andrew: All of these things can be hacked and just to give you an idea of how many celebrities…

Ian: …well you could get robbed too!

Andrew: Yeah but that’s highly… Look at this, this is a list: there are a lot of names on here.  These are the celebrity accounts that have been hacked.

Ian: Oh dear! Really?

Andrew:  There is probably, maybe a hundred and something here.

Ian: But who looks at this stuff?

Andrew: You would be surprised!

Ian: Who has got the time to sit around and look up nude photos online? I certainly don’t!

Andrew: Well no you have a life, these guys don’t!

Andrew: And I won’t single out any uni students, shall we.  Seriously the thing that made all of this explode was that celebrities came out and said yes these are my nude photos. So what are they going to do, if they know there are nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence out there, what are they going to do? They are going to look for it hence the Streisand effect again.  Other celebrities have said no these are not me do you think that they get that many searches? No they don’t.

Ian: This is so much like the hangout we did last week on the Streisand effect.  You know it was the court ruling where Google forget.  Oh, I put this form into Google which you can get a particular blog or article about you which is defamatory taken down.  The moment it comes down you say oh Google forgot this article and then everybody knew about the article and they start re-posting the article and other links to it and things like that.  It is the same thing, be quietly excited.

Andrew: You see to me these celebrities who you know take these photos of themselves and make videos of themselves, doing things with their partner whatever.  That’s all fine, I’m not a prude go for it by all means.  But if you have got a brain in your head and if you are a celebrity of some note. Don’t post them anywhere keep them at home!  You are a celebrity, people care about the things you do and say and yes if there are nude videos of you they are going to find it.  They are going to exploit it so don’t cry wolf when this sort of thing happens to you, stop doing it.

Ian: You are right with what you are saying but I think a lot of these celebrities like this.  You know there is like this weird sort of roundabout way where something has gone online but then they…  I’m not saying all of them but I’m saying there is a certain amount who are like: “Oh, suddenly I am more famous because there is a sex tape or there is a nude photo or whatever there is and there are even some people who will try it as part of their strategy to get more famous.

Andrew: This is true.

Ian: That’s a worry.

Andrew: I’m just taking a quick look at the list and there’s just maybe a handful of I guess of what you would call A grade?

Ian: A list celebrities.

Andrew: A list celebrities, the rest of them I haven’t really heard of or you know they are just really small in the scheme of things so yeah it is a good way to make your name known but…

Ian:  Barbara would be very upset about this.

Andrew: She would be!

Ian: Because Barbara’s public persona has been quite heavily controlled up until her recent Instagram.

Andrew:  Well she’s been the subject of a few Barbara Streisand effects as well herself.

Ian: Which by the way is our most popular video.

Andrew: Absolutely!

Ian: It has gone around LinkedIn and other social networks many, many times

Andrew: See we are doing something right aren’t we?

Ian: I don’t know?!

Andrew: We should say: “Don’t watch the Barbara Streisand effect videos, don’t watch them, they are rubbish, don’t watch them!”

Ian: That’s a good idea.  The Streisand effect of the Streisand effect, is that our next video?

Andrew: I have no idea what you are talking about but okay.  There you go there is Streisand effect on Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pics

Ian: Is there any reason why we singled out Jennifer Lawrence when there are so many?

Andrew: No no, it’s just that her face is on the article.

Ian: Oh, okay!

Andrew: There are lots of others.

Ian: Oh okay so let’s go through every single celebrity who has done this and do a video for each one.  We could be here a while, there’s what? How many is there?

Andrew: Out of this list here there is only one I really recognize and that is Kirsten Dunst. The rest I don’t even recognize.

Ian: You are so out of the loop Andrew!

Andrew: Oh, Kirsten she’s been around forever!

Ian: She doesn’t look like she has been around forever.

Andrew: No.

Ian: What a sweetheart!

Andrew: That is not what I meant.

Ian: I know!

Andrew: She’s only going to get emails complaining about bagging Kirsten Dunst.

Ian: Quite the contrary, quite the contrary.  Is there another Spiderman movie coming along?

Andrew: Yeah but she’s not in it. She hasn’t been in the last two.

Ian: I know but I want her to be in the next one though.

Andrew: That’s another kettle of fish.

Ian: She could actually come back as the villain, that would be a real twist to the Spiderman series.

Andrew: She could come back as the mother of the new spider man.

Ian: Why because she is so old now?

Andrew: No, because her and the old Spiderman were together and now there is a movie about a new Spiderman that is the son of the original Spiderman, so she’s the mother.

Ian: This is getting very confusing, thanks very much guys!

Andrew: We don’t know what we are talking about it anymore.

Ian:  Jennifer if you are watching well done! I hope this has helped your celebrity. But in the future probably don’t announce it to everybody that you have been hacked, that’s probably not a good idea.  Actually you would probably be better off putting all of your nudes on a DVD on high res and then head down to TMZ and say here you go guys, bang… That would have actually been a better approach because then they would have said: “We don’t care, this is not newsworthy.”

Andrew: Any complaints?

Ian: Queries, worries, concerns… Email me? Why?

Andrew: Because you are the one that said that!

Ian: Oh, okay!

Andrew: I didn’t say that, I was trying to be really tactical.

Ian: Google it at Don’t, if you are watching this and thinking oh great I will send these guys an inquiry about lead generation or SEO.  Don’t send us that stuff.  Just send us stuff that has to do with the videos and with SEO.  Don’t suddenly watch this video and think: “Great here is an opportunity for me to like lead generation!” I’ve been getting quite a few of those emails and I get very excited when I get emails and I get down to the second paragraph and you are trying to sell me something, don’t do it! Speak soon, speak to you later.

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