Its Addictive But Unhealthy To Check Your SEO Ranking Everyday

The Search engines seem to use a number of metrics to work out the rankings of just one keyword. They return rankings based (partly) on whoever is doing the searching meaning that it’s partly geographical. This is called personalization and localization and they are just one of the many ‘signals’ Google uses in its algorithm to rank sites. In local search, there are so many factors like search history and location. One major thing to keep in mind is that rankings won’t get you sales, only traffic will do that.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the many reasons why you shouldn’t check your keyword rankings every day.




Ian: Good afternoon everybody.

Andrew: How are you going?

Ian: That’s Andrew Radics.

Andrew: And that’s Ian Hopkinson.

Ian: I like how we introduce each other so seamlessly now. Is there any reason why you’re wearing grey today?

Andrew: Um, no it’s just the first thing I grabbed from the wardrobe.

Ian: Likewise. It was the closest thing.

Andrew: It’s grey outside. I won’t say it’s grey in here but anyway.

Ian: That’s all a grey hat tactic you’ve been using. Checking your SEO ranking everyday is addictive but unhealthy. Why is that?

Andrew: Why?

Ian: Shouldn’t we just be going on every morning just really tromping at the bid to see where our rankings are?

Andrew: No. When I first started out in this business that’s exactly what I did. One day I may be number 7 and then the next day I’m number 43, then the following day I’m number 23 and then the following day I’m number 7 again.

Ian: So it’s dancing around.

Andrew: The more SEO work you do on your website, the more that’s going to happen because Google is constantly reindexing your website as well as the links that you’re building to hopefully good sites, it’s constantly reevaluating the position of everything and everybody. So if you’re going to look at your ranking every day there’s going to be what they call a Google dance and that goes on a lot.

Ian: You need to get off that rollercoaster of panicking about it going up and down.

Andrew: And there’s another thing too; when you do search your rankings, whatever browser you’re using, make sure you’ve got it in private browsing.

Ian: Yes. Good tip.

Andrew: On Safari it’s called private browser, Chrome is called incognito and in Mozilla it’s called private window. I’m sure all the other browsers out there although there shouldn’t be too many more in use, will have the same sort of functionality. The only reason for that is, is because if you put it into private browser, none of the cookies and the other data that your browser will gather is in there. So if you type in your business Google won’t have a record of that in that particular browser and then you can see your true ranking. If you’re constantly looking at your stuff Google will think he looks at that site a lot so we’ll put it to the top because he really likes it.

Ian: That’s right, it’s a customised result that you getting and it’s the same as if you’re logged into your gmail account.

Andrew: Oh yeah that too. If you’re browsing, even in incognito or private, don’t be logged into your gmail account.

Ian: We’ve actually had some pretty fun incidents where we’ve gone onto SEO companies’ website and they’re making all these claims about wild rankings and you can see in the screenshot on the top right hand side that they’re actually logged into gmail. Most people wouldn’t think about it or notice but an SEO company should notice. But to see that up, we couldn’t help but laugh because it’s quite deceiving what they’re actually doing.

Andrew: We’ve had prospective clients tell us ‘oh we’re number 1 for every single one of our keywords’ and then you show them that you have to logout of gmail, go incognito or private browsing and see where you really are and they are stumped.

Ian: I think a lot of SEO companies let that go if a client says ‘oh I’m number 1’, they go cool that clients happy but they do need to get that they’re not getting a real result because at the end of the day that’s going to be much more important.

Andrew: Yeah, so don’t check your rankings every day and if you are checking them, go to private browser, and do not be logged into gmail.

Ian: And in a general sense just finishing up, being obsessive about rankings or 1 particular ranking on the first page is not the be all and end all. So the general excitement around rankings or people telling you we’ll get you to the first page doesn’t work like that and it’s not about that, you’ve got a number of keywords and they all sort of work off each other. Providing your traffic is increasing and is converting into revenue, that’s the most important thing. Don’t become obsessed with not being on page 1, it takes time.

Andrew: It does. Speaking of time, it’s Friday afternoon I think we’ll open this wine a little later.

Ian: I got this bottle from the Glaciers Association. Spoke to those guys today about SEO and they were very perceptive and they had some awesome questions actually. It was good, and then they gave me a bottle of wine so it was a pretty good day.

Andrew: We’ll share that.

Ian: I wouldn’t even let you open it would I. You had to ask the barman for some other concoction.

Andrew: I don’t know what that is but it doesn’t look too bad. It’s a nice blue.

Ian: Very good. Cheers everybody.

Andrew: Have a great weekend!

Ian: Have a great weekend, if you’re in the States you’ve got another day left sorry about that. It’s only Thursday for you, why don’t you have a drink and just pretend it’s Friday.

Andrew: Bye.

Ian: Cheers!

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