Is Your Every Move Mapped by Google’s Location Tracking?

It probably won’t surprise most people that Google already knows your interests, your age and even most things you look at online. But, did you know that if you have your location tracking turned on, you have enabled both the location reporting and location history? Your mobile phone is actually sending information that allows Google to track and keep a detailed record of your movements. This means that every time you go down to your local shop, you are tracked, if you go to the cinema, you are tracked or if you go for that midnight rendezvous, you are being tracked.

If this grosses you out, please TURN OFF your location tracking on your phone!

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how your every move is being mapped by Google’s location tracking?


Ian: Does Google’s Location Tracking map your every move, Andrew?

Andrew: Yes, it does!

Ian: So when you go down the street to get some milk they can see what you’re up to?

Andrew: Yes, I found this.

Ian: What if you’re getting milk for someone you’re not supposed to be getting milk for?

Andrew: Well then you make sure you don’t do this! Okay, here’s an article from fifteen hours ago. To those people who don’t believe that Google and all the other search engines for that matter. Actually collect data on the things you do online, where you go, all of that sort of stuff – well listen up.

Because this article says; ‘Google probably already knows your age, your interests and everything you’ve looked at online.’ Well, that’s pretty obvious through your browser. ‘But now there’s proof that Google knows where you are pretty much all of the time as well; and it’s proof Google gave us.’ So here is an admission from Google itself, saying that it actually collects your data.

Ian: That’s news? I thought, well maybe we knew that but not everybody knows?

Andrew: Most people suspect it, but this is actually proof that they do.

Ian: Yeah, because they didn’t come out and say it straight away. When they were doing Google Maps they didn’t come out and say, ‘Hey, we’re tracking everybody!’

Andrew: However, Google’s location tracking site can show you where you and your cell phone, or as we call them here, mobile phones, have been.

Ian: Look where Andrew’s been!

Andrew: And it looks something like that. So it’s just a bunch of red lines going from spot to spot. But obviously…

Ian: We’ve got ours turned off so we had to doctor it.

Andrew: Obviously if you’re traveling like that in one day you must be superman or something, because that’s impossible. But it will give you your local map.

Ian: As you mentioned you can set it to the day or 30 days, this is set to 30 days, so that could be the Google car? That could be the Google car driving the streets.

Andrew: This is Google’s own software you can get this information from. What it does is it breaks down the data by location and by day. Basically it’s talking about it keeps a detailed record of every move that you’ve made provided you have taken your mobile phone along. Because that’s where it tracks your data from. Now like me, you would find this incredibly creepy. But if you love this sort of stuff, if you love to tell Google and everybody else who would know your data where you’ve been and where you go… I nearly said who you do. Oh, I just did. This is going to be an interesting transcript.

Ian: Yes, it is, yes.

Andrew: So it’ll show if you’ve been around the corner store to get milk, or the milkman, or whatever it is you’re doing: You’re in trouble!

Ian: Yes, if you’re getting down the corner to get the milkman. It doesn’t work that way; he used to visit, it used to be a lot more convenient.

Andrew: Now you’ve got to go to him. See if your partner knows your login that you use, he or she or both can track where you go or where you’ve been and what you’re doing.

Ian: He or she or both, what does that mean?

Andrew: Both?

Ian: I just want to make this transcript really interesting.

Andrew: Well most people have either a he or a she, but some people have both.

Ian: Yes they do. This is not really going to be groundbreaking for some of those people, because they know about everybody and where they’re going, what they’re doing and who they’re shopping for. Sorry! What they’re shopping for.

Andrew: Who they’re shopping for? So the important thing here is that if you don’t want Google to collect this data, just turn the tracking off on your mobile phone, plain and simple.

Ian: Yes, and we’re not going to tell you how to do that because it’s very easy, just Google it.

Andrew: Yeah, just Google Google Tracking.

Ian: I’m actually surprised because when I looked at this page it’s very simple, I would have actually like to see a little more data there.

Andrew: Well I don’t travel far.

Ian: Perhaps other phones that you were having conversations…who you called at certain locations. While you were at the store you called your mum and said, ‘Hey, how’s it going, what’s going on here? What kind of milk should I buy? Should I get soy milk or are my estrogen levels going to go through the roof?’

Andrew: I think that’s where you would have a look at your mobile phone records.

Ian: Yes you would, but I want more data! This is not enough Google, this is not enough, I want more.

Andrew: So it’s not enough for you to know where your partners gone?

Ian: I want the story of my life on this, let’s track it all. Why stop there?

Andrew: That’s abusing the system, and not even Google will go that far. The bottom line here is that if you don’t want this sort of tracking, just turn the tracking off on your mobile phone; plain and simple. But there’s proof, Google’s own admission, through their own software that they can track where you’ve been. Not who you’ve seen but where you’ve been.

Ian: Where you’ve been and who you’ve seen, that’d be very interesting. What are we drinking here?

Andrew:  A lot of floaties going on…

Ian: There are a few floaties… That’s why I’m a bit concerned.

Andrew: I don’t know if you can see it, there you go. See all the green floaties in there?

Ian: It’s a bit like the sludge that the villains in Batman used to get dropped in.

Andrew: That actually smells alright, have a whiff.

Ian: It smells very sweet. I think the lab technicians have…

Andrew: Oh my God, what is at the bottom of this?

Ian: Alright, thanks very much everybody. You’re thinking do I have to be here for this? We’re actually going to be talking more about the Streisand Effect in the next video, Barbra has been a very naughty girl hasn’t she?

Andrew: She has, not her fault, it’s not the effect that she wanted.

Ian: It is kind of her fault.

Andrew: It’s not the effect that she wanted…

Ian: Questions, queries, worries, concerns? Tell us we’re crazy – well obviously we’re mad – [email protected] you can email us. Don’t email us if you are offering us SEO, I got one of those the other day. This is the only place we give out our email and somebody has watched one of them and then offered us SEO.

Andrew: Oh of course it came through the Google account.

Ian: Yes!

Andrew: You’re right too…

Ian: So send us a useful email.

Andrew: Watch by all means, but no SEO marketing.

Ian: No, I was a bit perturbed by that. I thought maybe we should just stop saying our email?

Andrew: It’s a bit rude isn’t it?

Ian: as well, contact us there. Alright, speak soon everybody.

Andrew: Bye!

Ian: Cheers!



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